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Project Management: 10 Tools You Need to Have

No matter whether you work for a small business or own your own company, you’re probably aware of how difficult project management is. Even if you work for a large corporation, there’s a good chance you’ve been assigned tasks that require some project management expertise. Any type of project management task is made easier when you use the right project management tools.

These 10 project management tools are great for people intimidated by advanced software, who don’t have specialized training but need to manage their affairs anyway.

1. Casual

Casual makes project management easy. It takes all of the information you have in your project management PDFs and consolidates it into an easily-understood workflow. You can input all the information from your business PDFs into Casual. One good idea is to use PDF conversion software to ensure you have all your information in all necessary formats at your fingertips.

Casual is great for people whose background is not project management, and people who think visually. The intuitive interface allows you to start projects right away. It only takes a few clicks to create new tasks, categorize tasks, and add new project branches.

Don’t let the simplicity of this tool fool you. Its functionality is incredibly powerful. You can track your own tasks, as well as the tasks that have been assigned to other people. The tool has easy integration capabilities with Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Dropbox. In addition, you can download the Casual App for Android or iOS.

2. Asana

Asana is a lifesaver that allows you to use your existing templates to create new workflows, list tasks, post tasks to shared project boards, break down large tasks, and convert tasks into projects. This is another great tool to integrate with your project management PDFs.

Your team members can leave comments on different tasks. In addition, they’re able to sign up for email updates regarding important progress. This is great for projects in which certain tasks need to be completed before others can start. A project manager is able to check on a project status without needing to contact team members at all.

3. Trello

When people aren’t familiar with the vocabulary for project management, it’s easy to become intimidated. That’s why Trello exists. This highly visual tool comes with an intuitive interface that’s perfect for inexperienced project managers.

The card-based design lets Trello feel familiar instantly. Each card has task lists. A project manager can move their cards into any order for priority adjustment. When you open up a card, you can upload business PDFs and other files, create lists, and complete other tasks.

One neat feature is the fact that cards can be created and updated through your email. Whenever projects are created, they’re assigned an email address. To make project changes, the only thing you’re required to do is send a simple email.

4. Basecamp

For people who previously managed their projects through meetings and emails, but whose project needs have grown beyond this, Basecamp might be the tool for you. Basecamp creates a centralized location in which team communication and company-wide communication take place. It also hosts your project data.

Rather than sending long chains of emails to update people on tasks, project members can post updates on a central message board. The to-do section allows project managers to track tasks and assign them to team members. In addition, you can attach your important files to every individual project, and use the calendar tool to schedule your meetings and establish deadlines.

5. Omniplan

For people who prefer Apple technology, Omniplan is a project management tool designed specifically for this operating system. It has great integration capability with other tools already existing on the iOS and Mac. In addition, it’s simple to use, and the helpful interface puts all important information about a project in one centralized place.

Even if you’re a new user, it’s easy to figure out how this tool can be used for project creation, modification, and tracking. Grouping and creating tasks, organizing workflow, and establishing project hierarchy are all easy to do.

6. Todoist

If you want to manage a project effectively, you need to make sure that communication channels are being utilized properly, that collaboration is happening with everyone on the same page, that the scope of the project is managed, that you’re sticking to a schedule, and that you aren’t letting anything fall by the wayside.

That’s where Todoist comes in. This software covers all the basics of project communication while still being easy for beginners to use. The software also has availability through extensions and apps across a whopping 10 platforms, which increases team collaboration without sacrificing preferred browsers. Such convenience helps the tool to be adopted much faster.

7. Pivotal Tracker

For people with some project management experience who want to branch out, Pivotal Tracker might be the tool for you. The project management system is story-based and has an intuitive, simple drag-and-drop style interface. For people who prefer mobile apps, Pivotal Tracker comes with excellent ones for your tablet or smartphone.

Once you become the master of this tool, you’ll have a much easier time managing projects. In addition, the integrated analytics software will let you measure your project’s efficiency from one project to the next.

8. Flow

Flow is a software designed to be quick and simple. It provides a “happy middle ground” for project management, somewhere between complex and expensive project management systems and whatever you’re doing for management now. The modern design helps make individual teamwork straightforward and simple.

Flow looks great as it manages your projects and allows team members to stay up-to-date. It’s an ideal software for people looking for aesthetic appeal in their management.

9. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper was developed by Dropbox for helping with in-house project management. The software allows project managers to note, organize, and make issues a priority. They can also plan sprints and receive reporting in real-time about what work is being done. It lets you keep your images, files, and docs all organized in a central location.

Paper integrates with a number of other project management tools, such as Trello, InVision, and Slack. The built-in feature for task management lets project managers assign important tasks to team members with specific due dates.

10. Jira

Jira is an Agile management tool with rich features. It was constructed by Atlassian with a focus on collaboration and clarity. Though the software has the capability to capture minute details, the best aspect of it is the birds-eye view of your project progress.

Jira does everything that a company could need for its project management. It allows tickets to be assigned; projects to be prioritized, organized, and tagged; and statuses to be set. Many large corporations work with Jira because of its functional setup and many helpful features.

Final Thoughts

Project management can seem overwhelming, but you don’t need to let yourself be overwhelmed. There are so many tools available to help you, regardless of your level of expertise. Using this software can help small business owners, employees, and project managers to work more efficiently. You’ll also feel much calmer about your projects when they’re all organized in one space.

Too many projects fail before they start because of a lack of management. Don’t let your projects fall through the cracks! Use these tools to jumpstart your productivity and streamline your tasks today.

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