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Facts about the 5 wishes pdf PDF template

Filling Out a 5 Wishes PDF Form

In the event that a person becomes seriously ill, it is important that they have established a living will so that their wishes can be fully followed by friends, family and medical staff. The 5 Wishes form makes filling out a living will as easy as checking boxes and signing a few blanks. Establish your needs and wants as well as the needs and wants of your loved ones so that there is no confusion during a time of crisis.

Why is the 5 Wishes PDF used for?

Serious illness or injury can be devastating for an individual to experience as well as for the loved ones of that individual to deal with. The 5 Wishes form helps to make it easy to create a living will so that individuals can plan ahead for their illness. This process of crafting a living will and making sure that an individual’s wishes are clearly stated with their family. The 5 Wishes form can serve as a guide for medical personnel and loved ones to use in the event that an individual is no longer able to be their own advocate for their medical needs. The PDF names a variety of different needs and wishes required to accommodate death or serious illness.

Who Would Use the 5 Wishes PDF?

The 5 Wishes form can be used by any individual that is over the age of eighteen. 15 million individuals of various ages have already seen the benefits of this form. It can be obtained through religious groups, employers, hospitals, and ever lawyers.

When Should You Use the 5 Wishes PDF?

The Five Wishes form can be used at any time as an easy-to-complete living will. It can be completed by individuals who are suffering from serious illness, showing signs of aging, or want to be prepared in the case of the emergency. The 5 Wishes form makes sure that family and friends don’t have to guess the medical wants and desires of an individual who is no longer able to make their own medical decisions. It helps to establish a line of communication between family and an individual that is undergoing serious illness. The process of crafting a living will can help keep the guesswork out of fulfilling the final wishes of someone in the process of dying or is undergoing life-supporting treatment.

What are the Consequences for not Using a 5 Wishes PDF?

Failure to complete a living will could leave your family and loved ones guessing during your final moments or if you are experiencing life-supporting treatment. Without a living will, you loved ones, medical staff, and family must determine what medical treatment is best for you to receive and decide what you would want. Filling out a living will through the 5 Wishes form can take some of the stress out of this process. It ensures that your wishes are carried out even when you are unable to be an advocate for yourself.

Steps for Filling Out a 5 Wishes PDF Form

  1. Complete the Health Care Advocate portion of the document – Name the individual to serve as the person who can make medical care decisions for you when you cannot
  2. State the medical treatment you and do not want to receive – Determine which medical procedures you would and would not like to undergo in the event of a medical emergency
  3. List your desired level of comfort – Choose which measures you would like to be in place for your comfort – Determine which grooming routines you would like to be followed – Mark any specific religious preferences
  4. Determine how you would like to be treated – Choose whether you would like people to be with you – Decide if you would like photography to be allowed – Determine if you would like any religious services to be performed
  5. State what you want your loved ones to know upon your passing – List any final words and wishes – Make any burial requests
  6. Sign the form
  7. Receive a witness
  8. Get a notary if in Missouri, North or South Carolina, and West Virginia.

Quick Questions

An individual must be 18 to fill out this document and establish a living will through the 5 Wishes form.

A 5 Wishes form can still be completed even if you already have crafted a living will. The previous document must be destroyed so that the 5 Wishes document can replace it.

The Five Wishes form is available for use in 42 states and the District of Columbia.

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