Facts about the Leave Of Absence Letter template

What is a Leave of absence letter?

A leave of absence letter is a written request to take time off from work. It’s a formal notice that lets your supervisor know beforehand that you need to be absent from the office, and it explains the reason why. This form is also known as a leave of absence request. In most places of business, filing this document properly is a requirement if you’re planning on being absent for any reason.

Whether you send the letter to your boss or the human resources department, you need to get a signature as proof of approval. The completed form can be sent to other managers to let them know that you won’t be available. Even if your boss has already given you permission in person or one the phone, you still need to fill out the appropriate leave of absence form.

Who writes a leave of absence letter? Sometimes, employees are expected to write and submit their own request for leave of absence. Other times, the company designs a template and makes it available to their staff members. One advantage of producing a company template is that employers can include information about requirements and policy regarding paid or unpaid leave on the form.

What is a Leave of absence letter used for?

The purpose of a leave of absence letter is to simultaneously inform company management that you’re planning on taking time off and to request permission for this. There are many common reasons why someone requests a leave of absence, such as medical treatment, a death in the family, maternity leave, jury duty, military service and ongoing education. Often, these forms are used for shorter periods of leave, such as a week or two to mourn the death of a loved one. At other times, employees need a longer leave of absence, perhaps related to finishing a college degree overseas or taking an extended honeymoon.

Why should you use a Leave of absence letter?

It’s always a good idea for employees to file a leave of absence request and get it approved when they need time off. This prevents misunderstandings. In fact, if employees fail to show up at work and don’t have an approved leave of absence form, they may be fired. Having a copy of an approved leave of absence gives you legal protection. Some federal guidelines protect an employee’s right to unpaid leaves, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. If an employer tries to fire you for taking a leave that is legally required, your letter gives you an important piece of evidence to defend yourself.

How to write a Leave of absence letter?

When writing a leave of absence request, be clear, specific and respectful. Explain why you need time off and when. Whether you’re filling out a form yourself or creating one for your business, here are several things to include:

  • Full name and job title: Include this information either in the header or in the body of the letter.
  • Duration of leave: Mention how long you need to be absent, such as a few days, a few weeks or various months.
  • Reason for leave: Explain why you need leave. You don’t need to go into too much detail; saying you need to care for a seriously ill family member is sufficient without naming the illness.
  • Offer of assistance: It can help to offer to assist your employee in preparing for your leave, such as by training a replacement to care for your duties until you return.
  • Contact details: Mention ways your employers can contact you in an emergency, usually via an email address or phone number.
  • Thank you: Conclude the letter by thanking your supervisor for considering your request.
  • Typed name and signature: Make sure to include your printed name and an e-signature on digital forms.

How to fill out a Leave of absence letter with PDFSimpli in five steps?

  • 1: Do some research and get prepared

    Gather the details regarding your leave of absence. Check your state’s laws regarding this type of leave to see if it's legally protected. You can also look at your organization’s employee handbook for information about company policies. Once you know these specifics, it’s time to choose a PDF template. You can either customize a basic template or choose one related to your specific need, such as forms for maternity leave or the death of a loved one.

  • 2: Select the right software

    Even if you choose a specific template, you still need to customize the details. This means including your name, filling out the reason for your proposed absence and adding dates. You need software that lets you make edits to PDF templates, such as filling out form fields and replacing text. PDFSimpli is an amazing option with tools for e-Sign, editing, adding text, deleting text and creating text boxes. You can also convert Word documents to PDF for e-Sign if you prefer writing the letter from scratch.

  • 3: Fill out the leave of absence letter

    Use the tools at the top of the screen to customize your leave of absence request. Business owners can create an incredible template using text boxes and additional text about company policies. The Add Text Tool is useful for placing information in any of the boxes or providing personalized information. Use the Erase Tool to get rid of any lines you don’t need. If you want to add a brand logo to your form, click on the Photo Tool or Import Tool.

  • 4: Review

    Read through the completed document out loud to make sure it has a respectful tone and clear information. Check the specifics, including the start and return date of your leave of absence.

  • 5: Save, download, print or send for signature

    Click on the Save button to keep the changes in your PDF leave of absence letter. You can use this same letter in the future and make other changes if you need. Next, download the completed document to your computer and print it out or email it. PDFSimpli has a time-saving tool that lets you send the PDF request to get an immediate e-signature.

Leave of absence letter frequently asked questions

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the FMLA applies to businesses with at least 50 or more employees. Also, the employee requesting a leave of absence must have worked for the business at least 1,250 hours during at least 12 months beforehand. The FMLA covers leaves of absence related to childbirth, adoption, serious injuries, surgery, medical treatment and caring for family members who are seriously ill or injured.

The FMLA allows for up to 12 weeks per year for approved leave requests. In the case of caregivers of injured servicemembers, they’re eligible for up to 26 weeks of protected leave during the year. It’s not always necessary to take leave in a 12-week block. Some employers allow staff to have a shorter work week so they can care for ill family members, for example.

A leave of absence is separate from the time provided for vacation, sick leave or paid time off. You would fill out a leave of absence letter when your circumstances aren’t covered by these other options. Every business has different guidelines regarding time off. Some companies offer paid time off, paid vacation time, sick leave and other perks. These benefits are voluntary, meaning employers mainly provide them as incentives, not because they’re legally required to.