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I was looking to save time and maximize productivity. I decided to give it a try and it was really amazing! Truly very simple to use even for those without much tech experience because you don’t need downloads or installations. Highly recommended!


I’m saving tons of hours every week just by using PDFSimpli. No more signing and printing the old way.


It met my expectations. Great product!


Needed to call customer service and they were very helpful. Thanks!


PDFSimpli is a cool product and very easy to use. The templates are really professional.


I have to say that the whole experience using this product was great and I'm loving that I have more free time now.

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FAQ Have Questions About Compressing a PDF?

We’ve got you covered.

You can easily compress PDF files using PDFSimpli. Start by selecting and uploading the file you want to compress. Follow the simple instructions to select the size to compress and then save the new document.

PDFSimpli is the easiest and fastest way to compress any PDF file. Just follow the simple instructions to upload or choose the file you want to compress and you’ll be able to modify it to the desired size in a few minutes.

With PDFSimpli you can choose the compression level that best suits your needs. Simply follow the instructions to upload or drag and drop the file. Then, use our online tool compressor to choose the compression you want to reduce your file size and save it. Is that simple!

PDFSimpli is the best online tool to compress and reduce large files. Our easy-to-use PDF editor allows you to choose the compression level you need by just following a few simple steps. Upload any large file and choose the desired compression level in just a few minutes!