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The employment forms you need vary by state. At the very least, you need a W-4 tax withholding form (or W-9 for contract employees), an I-9 work eligibility form and an employee benefits form. If employees want to have their paychecks deposited in a bank account, you also need a direct deposit authorization form. Many companies additionally have employees sign non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements or drug test consent forms.

Job applications are one of the most common employment forms. To customize your business's work applications, include sections for the following details: applicant's name, telephone number, mailing address, email address, work history and education experience. Many businesses also request additional details, such as professional references, skills or availability to work nights/weekends. Finally, have applicants sign and date the completed form. With PDFSimpli, it's easy to have job candidates fill out employment applications electronically.

When creating an employee handbook for your business, you should provide all of the information new hires need to know about your business operations, the type of conduct you expect and the rights or benefits employees can take advantage of. List your business’s mission statement, some background information about your company and the objective of the handbook. Always include a statement related to equal employment opportunities and a contract disclaimer.