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2016 4868 PDF2016 4868 PDF

Facts about the 2016 4868 PDF template

If you find yourself unable to file your federal tax return before the due date arrives, you might be eligible to receive a 6-month extension of the time you have to file. When this is the case, you’ll fill out and file a Form 4868. This form must be filed by the original due date for your tax return, which is usually April 15.

What Is a 2016 Form 4868 PDF Used For?

Form 4868 is used as a tax extension form for people who are giving the IRS income reports. This means people who are filing their individual tax return for their income. It includes any taxpayer who files a 1040, any contractor who files a 1099, and limited liability corporations with only one member. Also included are Sole Proprietors defined under Schedule C. If you file for an extension, your tax deadline will be extended to October 15 for these types of tax returns:

  • IRS Form 1040
  • IRS Form 1040A
  • IRS Form 1040EZ
  • IRS Form 1040NR
  • IRS Form 1040NR-EZ
  • IRS Form 1040-PR
  • IRS Form 1040-SS
Fill Out Your 2016 4868 PDF with PDFSimpli in Seconds!

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With all of this said, you should be aware that you cannot extend the time limit for paying taxes. If you owe any taxes, rather than getting a return, these tax payments will still be due on April 15 whether you file a Form 4868 or not.

When you complete the application for an extension, you will need to provide an estimate of the taxes you have due. It’s possible to pay a portion or all of your taxes through an Electronic Funds Transfer, which will take the money directly out of your relevant bank account. You might also opt to pay none of your taxes through this method and instead give payment in another form.

People are eligible to make corrections to their requests for a tax extension, as long as they file those requests within a predetermined time period.

Who Would Use a 2016 Form 4868 PDF?

The following types of people are eligible to use a Form 4868:

  • Any taxpayer who is required to file any kind of 1040
  • Any contractor who has issued any kind of 1099
  • Limited liability corporations that are only owned by one person
  • Sole proprietors who file with Schedule C

Anybody who meets these criteria and wishes to extend their tax return filing should use Form 4868. Again, you can’t use this form to file an extension on your payment. You will need to give an estimated payment of your tax due if you owe any taxes.

When Should a 2016 Form 4868 PDF Be Used?

This form should be used by anybody who wishes to have their tax return due date extended. The specific PDF listed here is for the 2016 tax year, but Form 4868 in general can be used to extend the tax return due dates in the appropriate tax year.

What Are the Consequences for Not Using a 2016 Form 4868 PDF?

If you don’t file this form within the specified time period, you won’t be able to extend the due date for your tax return. Your tax return’s due date will remain April 15. Failing to file your tax return by this point could result in you being subject to fees and other penalties from the IRS.

How to Fill Out a 2016 Form 4868 PDF

In Part I, you’ll be asked to give basic identifying information. This includes your full name, current address, Social Security number, and the Social Security number of your spouse.

Part II will have you calculate and record your individual income tax. You will need to estimate the tax liability you have for the fiscal year, along with the total payments you’ve made. Subtract the total payments from your total liability to find out what balance is due. Then, note what amount you’re paying with the form.

If you’re a United States citizen or permanent green card holder, but you’re currently outside the country, you should check the box that notes this.

That’s the only information you will need to record on the form. The rest of the form’s pages are specific instructions for filing. If you fail to pay any taxes by April 15, you will be subject to interest payments regardless of whether you qualify for an extension or not. There are also penalties for late filing and late payments.

When you pay your taxes, you can either use the aforementioned Electronic Funds Transfer or you can choose to pay by money order or check. If you’re using the EFT method, you will need to write the confirmation number of your bank account. If you use a money order or check, you should mail it in along with your Form 4868.2016-form-4868

Quick Questions

You won’t be given your return check by the IRS until after you’ve filed your tax return form. If you want your check by April 15, you should file your tax return rather than an extension request.

For the most part, no. Your due date will be extended to October 15, but beyond that, the IRS can’t do much to give you extra time.

The extension is automatically granted when you file, provided you gave accurate personal information. If you didn’t pay your taxes, however, you’ll be subject to late fees in the future.

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