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Absentee Ballot Alabama PDFAbsentee Ballot Alabama PDF

Facts about the Absentee Ballot Alabama PDF template

The Alabama absentee ballot PDF is used to request an absentee ballot from the Alabama voting office, ensuring all citizens of Alabama can vote. Serious circumstances can prevent any US citizen from going to the polls in their registered polling precinct. If they know they can’t, they request this form. Once filled out and submitted it grants them an absentee ballot to remotely vote in local, state, and national elections.

What is the Absentee Ballot Alabama PDF Used For?

As of the 2016 presidential election, there were 235,248,000 Americans of eligible voting age, 3,330,802 in Alabama. Many can’t physically reach the polls for a variety of reasons and therefore can’t exercise their constitutional right to vote in elections. This PDF ensures that every one of them can receive an absentee ballot and therefore vote, no matter their unfortunate circumstances. “(Absentee ballots) can matter and they keep you involved in the process in general,” public policy senior Ryan Boyd said. “It’s often all the civic and social benefits of voting in person without the hassle.”

A citizen fills out and submits this PDF to register for absentee voting with the Alabama state government. They document the reasons why they need an absentee ballot, which political party (if any,) they will be voting for, and the elections they’ll be voting in. After submitting the PDF, they receive an absentee ballot in the mail.

In the election itself, absentee ballots are not counted like normal ballots. Polling stations count all the normal votes first, and absentee ballots separately. If the election is a blowout, the absentee ballots aren’t used. However, if the election is close, the absentee ballots are counted to decide the winner. So in a way, the absentee ballots count more than normal ballots.

Who Would Use the Absentee Ballot Alabama PDF?

If someone cannot physically make it to the polls on election night, they download the PDF well in advance and fill it out. Then they submit it to an absentee ballot manager at their nearest Alabama voting precinct. Many citizens need this form to ensure their vote is counted, this includes:

  • College students registered to vote in Alabama but attending schools in other states and unable to return home.
  • Native Alabamans serving overseas in the military.
  • Physically ill or disabled citizens
  • Workers who have shifts of 10 hours or more on election day
  • Poll workers assigned to a poll they’re not registered to vote at.
Fill Out Your Absentee Ballot Alabama PDF with PDFSimpli in Seconds!

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In total, if a citizen can’t or won’t be physically present to vote on election night, but won’t let that stop them from voting, they will be using this PDF.

When Should You Use the Absentee Ballot Alabama PDF?

“The deadline to submit an absentee ballot application is the 5th day prior to the election.” The absentee request PDF can be downloaded and filled out at any time, but it must be physically submitted to an Alabama voting office 5 days before the day the citizen intends to vote. So, they should make time whenever they can to fill it out.

As to when should it be used? It should be downloaded and filled out whenever the citizen cannot physically vote for whatever reason. When they still feel the election is important enough that they must vote. It is a tool to ensure their voice can still be heard in politics despite their absence from the polls.

What are the Consequences for not Using an Absentee Ballot Alabama PDF?

By law, a citizen must be physically present at the polls to vote. The absentee ballot is the only exception. This PDF is the only method to request an absentee ballot. Therefore, if the citizen can’t physically reach the polls for any reason they need this form to get the ballot and therefore vote. If they don’t use this form, then they can’t vote in any election in the state of Alabama.

In local Alabama elections, they won’t have a say in choosing the politicians that most directly affect their lives. In national elections, they won’t be able to decide the politicians that have the greatest impact on their lives. Their rights as voters will be wasted.

Steps for Filling Out an Absentee Ballot Alabama PDF

Filling out the absentee ballot PDF is a straightforward procedure. It can be accomplished in a single morning and submitted in the afternoon.

1: Go onto the website and click the link for the PDF

2: Download the PDF and then print it out

3: Enter the personal information required by the ballot request; Name, address, voting precinct, date of birth, phone number, and driver’s license number for extra identification

4: Declare what election they will be voting for; state, or national.

5: Give the reason why they will not be able to physically reach the polls.

6: Sign off

7: Submit the form in person to Alabama absentee manager, or mail it to the absentee manager’s office.

8: Wait for the absentee ballot to arrive in the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: How far in advance do I need to submit this PDF?

The PDF can be downloaded and filled out at any time. To receive the ballot, it must be submitted by mail or in person 5 days before election day.

2: Will my vote matter?

In certain situations, yes. Absentee ballots are counted the same as normal votes. However, their uses differ. If the Presidential/Alabama/local election is a blowout, they aren’t added to the final tally. However, if the election is a nail-biter they will be used to decide the difference.

3: How do I submit this PDF?

There are 2 ways to submit the PDF. First, go to the nearest election office in Alabama and physically submit it. Second, If the citizen can’t physically get to the office, mail the PDF to the election office.


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