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China Visa v 2013 PDFChina Visa v 2013 PDF

Facts about the China Visa v 2013 PDF template

The China Visa Form v 2013 is a form used by foreign travelers to obtain visitation rights to the country. Most visas are affixed to your passport. The Chinese government does not accept mail in applications. Applicants have to visit the Chinese Consulate in person, or go through an authorized agency. china-visa-form-v-2013

What is the China Visa Form v 2013 used for?

This form is required for anyone who wishes to visit China. People who plan on visiting mainland China for business or pleasure must acquire a visa in advance. A visa is not required if you stay in Hong Kong or Macao for under 90 days. The type visa you receive will depend on your reason for visiting the country. The most common types of visas include the following: tourist visa, Q2 visa, F visa and student visa. Travelers may also apply for double or multiple entry visas. Applicants will need a passport to obtain a visa. Your passport will have to be sent to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate so that the visa can be affixed to it. A regular business or tourist visa is valid for 30-90 days per entry. If you need to extend your stay, an extension can be filed with the visa office or Public Security Bureau. Do not overstay your visa. Once issued, your visa type can’t be changed. You would have to apply for a new visa. For this reason, it is very important to know the type visas you will need during the application process. For example, you can’t change a tourist visa to a student visa once it has been issued.

Who would use the China Visa Form v 2013?

  • Foreign crew members of international transportation , including, aircraft, ships and trains
  • People who intend to become Chinese citizens
  • Foreigners who plan to transit through China
  • Foreign Journalists and news organizations
  • Foreigners who go to China for trade purposes
  • Foreigners who are family members of Chinese citizens or foreign Chinese residents
  • Foreigners with high education or skills needed in China
  • Foreigners who intend to work in China
  • Foreigners who plan to study in China for over 180 days
  • Foreigners who plan to study in China for less than 180 days

Fill Out Your China Visa v 2013 PDF with PDFSimpli in Seconds!

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What are the Consequences for not Using a China Visa Form v 2013? You will need a valid passport to apply for a Chinese Visa. You will also need a photo copy of any previous Chinese passports. You also have to be a legal resident in the country where you are applying for the visa. A visa will cost $30-$140. The cost of the visa will vary depending on your country of residence, type visa and number of entries. Typically, a visa is cheaper in Europe compared to the United States. If all of your paperwork is correct, it should take 2-4 days to receive your visa. One day emergency service is available in some countries for qualifying situations. It is important to know your visa expiration date to avoid overstaying your visa. This can lead to restrictions or problems obtaining a visa in the future.

Steps for Filling Out a China Visa Form v 2013?

  • Section 1.1: Type in your name exactly as it is on your passport. Last name first.
  • Section 1.2: If you are from an area that requires you to do so, write your Chinese name in characters.
  • Section 1.7: This question must be answered. Don’t leave blank. Enter N/A if necessary.
  • Section 1.9: Enter your driver ‘s license number or passport number for kids.
  • Section 1.13: Enter the country listed on your passport.
  • Section 1.15: If self employed, enter type of work.
  • Section 1.17: Fill this section out completely unless retired, unemployed or have kids under school age.
  • Section 1.20: Must be answered. If a child, enter parents phone number.
  • Section 1.23: Enter another person’s information here. If married, enter spouse.
  • Section 1.24: Must be answered.
  • Section 1.25: Enter USA.
  • Section 2.1: Check reason for visit. Multiple reasons will complicate process.
  • Section 2.2: If desired, check other and enter 10 year visa.
  • Section 2.5: Max 60 days. Up to 90 days for Chinese descent and 120 days for Q2 visa.
  • Section 2.6: Date and city must match airline ticket.
  • Section 2.7: Required. For kids under 18, enter parents.
  • Section 2.8: Only for specific visas.
  • Section 2.9: Enter “Yes” or “No” and appropriate date.
  • Section 2.10: Enter “Yes” or “No” and list all countries.
  • Section 3.8: Left blank except for specific nations.
  • Section 4: Required. Must be signed by adult.
  • Section 5: Must be filled out and signed by parents if child under 18.

Quick Questions

How should I send my passport and other documents to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate?

It is highly recommended that you send your documents via a major mail carrier with the ability to track it. Regular mail should be avoided.

How will my passport and documents be returned to me?

Your passport and documents will be returned via FedEx. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate believe that FedEx is the most reliable company for this service.

Is it required to have full blank visa pages in my passport?

Yes. China Visas are stamped on the blank pages dedicated for them, and countries require that visa stamps be placed on pages with no other stamps.

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