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Facts about the DA 31 Fillable PDF template

When a member of the army wants to request leave, they need to file official paperwork saying so. The DA 31 form is the official Request and Authority for Leave. The request for leave might revolve around personal reasons, including vacation and travel time. It might also be emergency leave because of a serious illness or death in the family.

What Is a DA 31 Fillable PDF Free Form Used For?

People in the military lead a strict lifestyle. They tend to be on a base or deployed 24/7, and they also don’t tend to get much say in where they go. In many cases, military personnel are too far from their friends and family to see them. The DA 31 form is the official request for an army member to take leave.

Part I of the form takes down basic information including name, rank, SSN, and leave address. This is the part that should be filled out when requesting non-emergency leave. Part II concerns information about emergency leave, primarily travel and transportation. When emergency leave occurs, the expectation is that it will last for a limited time, and then the soldier will return to active duty.

Who Would Use a DA 31 Fillable PDF Free Form?

Any active duty member of the army who wants to request leave should use this form. This covers both accrued non-emergency leave and temporary emergency leave. The form is used throughout the army in every area of the United States.

When Should a DA 31 Fillable PDF Free Form Be Used?

Every time an active duty member of the army wishes to make a request for leave, they should use this form. For non-emergency leave, this includes accrued vacation and sick days. For emergency leave, this includes terminal illnesses and deaths in the family. Soldiers can also get emergency leave if their wife is in labor. Any family emergency of the sort qualifies for the request.

What Are the Consequences of Not Using a DA 31 Fillable PDF Free Form?

If you’re an active duty member of the military, you need to have your request for leave granted before you can go. There are serious legal consequences to leaving your post without permission. If you fail to use the form and leave, you could go to prison; if you decide not to leave, you’re just not getting to use any of your potential time.

How to Fill Out a DA 31 Fillable PDF Free Form

The Control Number in Block 1 isn’t your responsibility, so you shouldn’t worry about it. Write your name in Block 2, your SSN in Block 3, and continue to place identifying personal information in the appropriate boxes. When you write the date, use the date you’re filling out the form rather than your ideal leave date.

Under “Leave Address,” you should write the address of your destination. If that’s your home, then your home address is what you should use. If you’re going on vacation, you should use whatever address your resort or hotel is at.

In Block 7, you’ll have to choose what type of leave you’re requesting. Ordinary leave is the most basic non-emergency leave, in which you’ll use your accrued vacation and sick days to relax. Permissive Temporary Duty will be authorized by your Commander. Emergency leave should be used in any of the aforementioned emergencies. “Other” is the box for any type of leave that doesn’t match the first three situations.

Block 8 asks you to give the phone number and other important contact information regarding your unit.

In Block 9, you’ll indicate how many days you intend to take leave for. First, you’ll fill in how many days you’ve accrued, how many you intend to use during this particular leave, if any days have been given to you on advance, and any remaining excess days.

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Block 10 is where you’ll write the dates you plan to take your leave. Sign the document in Block 11. You don’t have to do anything in Blocks 12 or 13, since these are the responsibility of your supervisor. Said supervisor will either approve or deny the leave, and check the appropriate box.

You’ll use Blocks 14 through 16 to check out on leave and check back in when you get back. When you depart on your leave, the departing authority will sign the form. When you return, you’ll have an authority sign to show that you checked back in. If any extensions of the leave need to be filed, you’ll use Block 15 for this.

Don’t use Block 17! The “Remarks” box is only supposed to be used by your approving authority. They’ll make any relevant comments about your leave that they feel should be reflected on the form.

You only need to fill out Part II if you’re requesting emergency-based leave. The section exists to give you information about how you can return home following coordinated emergency leave from the Red Cross. You’ll also use this section to fill out your important contact numbers, which you’ll use as a reference point during your travels.

Part III only applies if you’re bringing your family with you on leave. Most commonly, this happens when a family lives at the base, and they all go on vacation together. Your wife and children both count as dependents. The two options on the form boil down to: Your car has room to take the dependents, or the dependents need to receive authorized transportation.

After checking either of the blocks, you’ll make an indication of whether they’re coming on a round-trip or just a one-way adventure. Then, you’ll list your dependent or dependents, along with their DOB, Passport Numbers, and relationship to you.

Don’t write anything in Part IV. It’s a space for your authorizing officer to use, not you.da-31-fillable-pdf-free

Quick Questions

If you’re requesting non-emergency leave, you should give plenty of notice so that people are aware of when you won’t be around for active duty.

Yes, you have space for the names and personal information of several dependents.

Your issuing authority will make a decision after they’ve reviewed the request. How long this takes varies widely from case to case.

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