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Facts about the Florida CE 200 PDF template

A Florida CE 200 form is a form that you file that shows your attestation of exemption from holding worker’s compensation and/or disability coverage for your employees. This form is filed when you can claim exemption from that, especially if you are a business that is normally required to carry worker’s compensation. A common example is a business in either the construction or plumbing industries. These types of companies are normally required to hold worker’s compensation insurance for their employees.

Why Is The Florida CE 200 PDF Form Used?

In Florida, worker’s compensation policies can be expensive. They are sometimes rolled into other insurance policies under umbrella or business insurance, but they are stand alone policies on occasion also. A corporation or small business may benefit financially from not carrying worker’s compensation in certain instances. Also, some states have union or shop labor for certain industries, and the union or other organization may carry worker’s compensation and disability insurance for the workers. In cases like that, the business would not need to carry worker’s compensation and it would not make sense for them to double up worker’s compensation. In cases where workers are working without worker’s compensation or disability insurance, the company could save money by not carrying the insurance. In some cases this is a drawback for hiring, so it is hard to say whether or not this would really save the company money in the long run, since they might not get preferential hiring. If the bottom line were to suffer because of this, they may not really save money by getting a disability or worker’s compensation policy exemption. On the other hand, in some states it is so expensive that cutting the policy may be a cost cutting option anyway.

Who Would Use The Florida CE 200 PDF Form?

A company owner files for the attestation of exemption. This is part of the process for obtaining exemption for carrying the worker’s compensation policy. You will need this form if you are a business operating in Florida and you do not want to carry worker’s compensation or disability insurance for your employees. Your business license may be in Florida, or you may be a multi-state or multi-national corporation that would be required to carry worker’s compensation for work completed in Florida. Either of these conditions would require you to fill out the form if you can attest that you are exempt from carrying worker’s compensation for your employees and do not want to carry the insurance. You can also fill this form out if you want to attest exemption to the worker’s compensation requirement if you are self-employed, or if you are a very small business with a few employees. You do not have to be a large company or business to attest that you are exempted.

When Should You Use The Florida CE 200 PDF Form?

You should fill out your form before you begin work in Florida as a business, but after you obtain your business license to operate in Florida. You do not have to operate or live solely in Florida at the time you fill out the form. In most industries, such as construction or plumbing, this means that you cannot start work until you actually have the exemption. The form only helps you attest that you have the right to an exemption, so you need to give yourself ample time to get the paperwork fully processed before you begin work. Sufficient time would include time to get a response returned from the state of Florida administration about whether you are entitled to an exemption. It also includes time for you to file the requisite paperwork and acquire any insurance that you do want, which you can try to get rolled into your business insurance policy if you wish. All of these take extra time, so be sure to fill out the form a few months before work begins at the minimum. You should make sure that you meet the requirements for exemption to the best of your knowledge before filling the form out.

What Are The Consequences For Not Using A Florida CE 200 PDF Form?

You cannot get an exemption to holding worker’s compensation or disability insurance without filing the form. If you go to work and are required to have worker’s compensation or disability insurance for your employees and you do not have it, your work area could be shut down if you are ticketed, or you could be fined, or both. In worse cases, if you are not shut down and someone sustains disabling injury on your job site, you could be sued for failure to provide insurance. You will want to make sure that you file all your paperwork before anything averse happens to your job site. In some cases, not filing the paperwork and having worker’s compensation for a time before you finally get it can raise your insurance rates. You could also face higher business insurance rates if you do not carry an exemption for worker’s compensation in Florida. In some cases, it is more difficult to get preferential hires such as master foremen or journeymen if you do not properly file your exemption paperwork with the state.

Steps For Filling Out A Florida CE 200 PDF Form


You will need to open the file in Adobe Acrobat, or in an online reader. Click on the spaces above the lines and begin typing the information carefully. Since this is a government document you will need to take care that all the information is correct and complete. Complete checked boxes by tabbing through them and hitting enter when you want them checked. Sign your name electronically by using a saved electronic signature or by simply typing your name. Make sure the information is all correct before saving the electronic copy.

Does The Form Exempt A Business Automatically?

Filling out the form itself is not an exemption. You must wait for a government decision and obtain exemption paperwork. The form simply attests that you are exempt to the best of your knowledge.

Does The Form Provide Insurance?

The form is not used to obtain insurance, and you cannot get insurance without obtaining a policy from an insurance company. The government does not provide insurance with this form.

If I Fill Out This Form, Can I Change My Mind And Get Insurance Later?

You can always choose to get insurance later, even if you attest that you are exempt. You do not have to provide additional notice to obtain insurance later.

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