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Facts about the mcs-150 form template

Filling Out an MCS-150 Form

Any business or organization operating as a motor carrier must submit an updated MCS-150 form to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration every two years. This is a requirement intended for carriers who have already filed an initial form. The form allows the FMCSA to effectively track companies operating as motor carriers and ensure they adhere to safety regulations.

What Is the MCS-150 Form Used For?

Companies that transport certain types of materials or paying passengers are required to obtain a Department of Transportation number prior to utilizing their vehicles. This allows the DOT to update any changes made to your status as a carrier with relative ease. Only companies with accurate and up-to-date information are allowed to operate as carriers. Completing and submitting the MCS-150 is especially important for businesses that intend to make changes to their fleet, hire new personnel, or alter the name of the business itself. Companies that do not submit an updated MCS-150 form in a timely manner are at risk of fines and other disciplinary action from the Department of Transportation. It is also important to provide accurate updated information to the government so the FMCSA can calculate your CSA score. Compliance, Safety, and Accountability scores are used to analyze the safety performance of businesses operating as motor carriers. The FMCSA also uses the scores to provide feedback and help companies improve their safety standards. If a company fails to accurately update its information via the MCS-150, this can have a negative impact on its CSA scores. Updating information also allows the FMCSA to keep all motorists safe by preventing unsafe carriers from placing their vehicles on the highways.

Who Would Use the MCS-150 Form?

In general, any company that operates as a motor carrier must update its identification report every two years. Even companies that have not made a change in their fleet, company name, or number of employees are required to do this in a timely fashion. If any of the following statements apply to your company, you are required to submit an MCS-150 by the given deadline:

  • Your company is classified as a motor carrier by the FMCSA.
  • Your company has ended interstate operations since your most recent update.
  • You company has expanded to include other types of motor vehicles.

The FMCSA also requires companies that no longer plan to be in business or operate as a motor carrier to fill out and submit the MCS-150. To accurately complete the form every two years, you must have obtained a USDOT number by completing and submitting a New Application. If you do not know whether your company currently has a DOT number, you should contact the FMCSA directly by phone or use the website to search for a number according to the name you use to do business. If your official DOT number has been deactivated for some reason, you must reapply and receive a new one before submitting the form.

When Should You Use the MCS-150 Form?

If your business is required to file the MCS-150 form, you must do so every 24 months prior to beginning operations. If you already have a DOT number in which the second-to-last digit is odd, you must update your information every odd-numbered year. If the second-to-last digit is even, you must update your information every even-numbered year. The last digit of your DOT number tells you in which month you are required to file updated information. For example, if your DOT number ends in one, you must complete and submit the MCS-150 by the last day of January. If the number ends in nine, you must submit the form by the last day of September. Businesses owners can find their DOT number on the decal sticker of any of their motor vehicles. The FMCSA wants motor carriers to file in a timely manner, and its representatives are available to assist businesses with their application needs. When completing and submitting information, business owners should factor in the time it will take for them to obtain a PIN. Companies that fail to submit an MCS-150 by the scheduled deadline will face fines and other potential civil penalties.

What Are the Consequences for Not Using an MCS-150 Form?

The Department of Transportation and the FMCSA are very serious about having updated motor carrier information. As previously stated, it allows them to ensure companies are following federal safety standards in regards to transporting various materials. For this reason, the penalties for failing to submit a complete and accurate MCS-150 form in a timely fashion are steep, and they can have a major negative impact on your business. If a company fails to submit the MCS-150 on time, it may face the following consequences:

  • Daily fines of up to $1,000 (until the FMCSA and DOT receive the necessary updated information)
  • Deactivation of DOT number
  • Negative impact on official CSA score

Companies cannot operate with a deactivated DOT number, and it is possible for companies to accumulate tens of thousands of dollars in fines over time. This can wreak havoc on the operations of a business, and many companies have closed due to the cost of fines. As mentioned above, if your DOT number is deactivated, you will need to apply for a new one before fulfilling the two-year update requirement. Companies that attempt to operate as a motor carrier without a current and active DOT number will face additional legal penalties and possible fines.

Steps for Filling Out an MCS-150 Form

Prior to submitting an MCS-150 form, business owners must request a special PIN from the USDOT. The USDOT must have your current address on file so it can send you the PIN in the mail, but if it does not, you may still submit the form before the deadline using other methods of submission. If you have a PIN, you may submit the MCS-150 electronically via the FMCSA website (this is the most convenient and fastest submission method). Business owners may print a physical copy of the MCS-150 and send it by mail or fax directly to the FMCSA. It is also possible to scan a completed form and upload it to the FMCSA web form. mcs-150-form

Quick Questions

No, all businesses operating as motor carriers must complete and submit an official MCS-150 form every two years using one of the previously mentioned submission methods.

Yes, as of 2013, the FMCSA is required to send official update notifications to businesses at least 30 days prior to their scheduled deadlines by mail.


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