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MV 104 PDFMV 104 PDF

Facts about the MV 104 PDF template

Motor vehicle accidents can be terrifying. They involve a lot of insurance paperwork and headache, even when injuries aren’t involved. In New York, accidents must be reported to the DMV using the state accident report form. Fortunately, the state has made efforts to streamline the process so that you don’t need to do a lot of extra work.

What Is an MV 104 PDF Form Used For?

New York state law requires people to file accident reports when they’re involved in collisions with property damage exceeding $1,000. The property damage must be done to one individual in the accident, yourself included. You must file this report within 10 days of your accident. You also need to adhere to a few other state laws:

  • If the collision caused property damage but no injuries, you need to exchange your driver’s license information, registration, and insurance with the other involved driver or drivers.
  • If you damage a parked vehicle or injure a domestic animal, you need to locate the owner or get in contact with the local police.
  • If one individual’s property damage exceeds $1,000, every driver involved must submit an accident report.
  • If anyone is injured or killed in the accident, you must notify the police immediately. You still need to file an accident report, but the police will also file an accident report.
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After the accident report is filed, the accident will become part of the records of every involved driver. Even if an accident is listed on your record, this does not necessarily mean you were at fault. It’s not the DMV’s responsibility to determine who was at fault for an accident.

Who Would Use an MV 104 PDF Form?

Every driver involved in a collision that caused at least $1,000 in property damage must file a report with the DMV. The MV 104 form is the official accident report form. You must file it whether or not you were at fault for the accident. Additionally, if there were any injuries in the accident, the police must also file an accident report with the DMV.

When Should an MV 104 PDF Form Be Used?

The circumstances during which an accident report form should be used are outlined under New York law. If one individual suffers at least $1,000 in property damage during the accident, an accident report must be filed by all involved drivers. If the property damage totaled less than $1,000, it’s not legally required that a DMV report be filed, but the driver can file a report at their own discretion.

You need to file the form within 10 days after the collision occurred. If you fail to file the form within the appropriate time period, you might be subject to late fees.

When you file the form with the DMV, you might be considered for the Accident Re-examination program. This program concerns any drivers who report at least three accidents within 18 months. When a driver reaches three reported accidents, the DMV will send them a written letter. They will then have to go to their local DMV office and participate in an interview, as well as possibly take an eye test, written test, or road test.

What Are the Consequences to Not Using an MV 104 PDF Form?

If the accident reached the threshold at which a report is required, meaning that at least $1,000 was done in property damage, you’re required to submit your report within 10 days. Failure to do so can result in the suspension of your license by the DMV. Usually, the conditions for license reinstatement will include filing your report along with paying any late fees.

How to Fill Out an MV 104 PDF Form

  • At the top of the form, fill in the date of the accident. You must also remember the day of the week it occurred, as well as the time of day. Note the number of vehicles involved, the number of people injured, and the number of people killed. If police investigated the scene, note the name of the agency.
  • Section 1 is the Driver section. Fill out the left-hand side with information about yourself, including your date of birth, name on license, license ID number, and address. You’ll also need to note how many people were in your vehicle and whether any public property was damaged.
  • On the right-hand side, fill out information about the other involved driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist.
  • Fill out Section 2 with the information on your vehicle registration, along with the registration of the other driver. Make sure you get this information from the other driver at the accident scene, if possible.
  • In Section 3, under “Describe damage to vehicle 1,” describe any damages your vehicle suffered. Check one of the boxes to estimate the cost of the property damage to your vehicle. Then circle the accident diagram that most closely resembles what occurred.
  • On the right side, describe the damage the other vehicle incurred, along with an estimated cost of the property damage.
  • Note the exact location at which the accident occurred, including mileposts if you were on the highway.
  • Record the names of every individual involved in the accident, including passengers.
  • Record the insurance information for both vehicles.
  • Sign and date the report.
  • If you are not the driver, but you’re signing for the driver due to their injury or death, check the appropriate box below the signature.

Quick Questions

Insurance companies in New York are not obligated to report every accident to the DMV. You will only need to report the accident to the DMV if more than $1,000 in property damage was incurred.

When you file your report, you should mark “RUSH” at the top. A rushed application will be processed faster, and your license will be reinstated as soon as the processing is complete.

If you didn’t get a chance to get the other driver’s registration or insurance information, you should contact them. Make sure you get their contact info at the scene of the accident.

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