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VA 21-0538 PDFVA 21-0538 PDF

Facts about the VA 21-0538 PDF template

The Department of Veterans Affairs is responsible for making sure all veterans and their families receive the benefits they’re entitled to. These include health insurance benefits, supplementary income benefits, and others. Occasionally, the VA must also do checks to make sure that the veteran should still be receiving the same level of compensation. VA Form 21-0538 is one of the ways they look for this verification.

What Is a VA Form 21-0538 PDF Used For?

This form is called the Status of Dependents Questionnaire. The VA requires that the veteran complete the information included on the questionnaire. Completion of this form is a way of showing that the veteran should continue receiving the same level of compensation.

Veterans with dependents receive more compensation than veterans without them. If there hasn’t been a change in the number of dependents in the household, the benefits will continue. If the number of dependents has changed, the benefits must be properly adjusted to reflect that.

No other mandatory forms accompany this one. Some people do encourage providing the documents that prove your statements on the questionnaire. However, this isn’t required by law. Documents providing proof can be submitted to the VA at any time, and might only need to be submitted if a question of proof arises.

Who Would Use a VA Form 21-0538 PDF?

As a Veterans Affairs form, this form must be completed by a veteran. The veteran must meet the following requirements:

  • They are entitled to receive compensation because of a disability connected to their service
  • They receive extra amounts of this compensation for their dependents
Fill Out Your VA 21-0538 PDF with PDFSimpli in Seconds!

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The disabled veteran has the responsibility of reporting any changes to the number of dependents in the household. If there has not been any change in a long while, the VA will occasionally send out a letter requesting that this form be completed and submitted.

When Should a VA Form 21-0538 PDF Be Used?

Typically, this form is only used in cases where the VA requests that it be filled out. It’s not a mandatory form to fill. You’ll know if you need to submit this form when you receive a letter from the VA explaining that your compensation is being reviewed.

After you receive the letter, the completed form is due within 60 days. When people don’t comply with this deadline, the VA department has the right to reduce the amount of compensation the veteran receives.

What Are the Consequences of Not Using a VA Form 21-0538?

If the VA asks you to fill out this form, you need to fill it out and file it to continue receiving your benefits. When people fail to fill out the form in an ideal manner or time frame, the VA has the right to reduce your compensation, or to stop compensating you altogether. For this reason, it’s important that you get the form filled out as soon as possible. The entire thing should only take you about ten minutes.

How to Fill Out a VA Form 21-0538

Write the first, middle, and last name of the veteran. Indicate whether you’re married in Box 2. In Box 3A, write the date of the marriage; in 3B, write the place you were married; in 3C, write the name of your spouse; in 3D, write your spouse’s Social Security number; in 3E, write your spouse’s date of birth.

In Column 4A, you’ll need to provide the full name of every child under the age of 18. You’ll also provide the name of any child between the ages of 18 and 23 who is currently attending school. For permanently disabled children, they can be listed at any age. If your family includes more than four children, the others should be listed in the “Remarks” section.

Column 4B is where you’ll write the birth dates of each of the children. In 4C, you’ll write the place they were born, and in 4D, you’ll give their Social Security number. If the child is not in your custody, you must give the name and address of whichever individual currently has custody of the child.

In 5A, you should write the full name of any dependent that has been terminated. This includes children who aged out of dependent status, spouses who divorced you, and any dependents who died. Write the date that they were terminated from your dependent status.

Box 6 is the aforementioned “Remarks” page. This is where you’ll make any notes of information that you didn’t have room for on the rest of the form.

In Box 7A, provide your daytime telephone number. 7B should be your evening number, while 7C is your cell phone. After you’ve provided all of this information, sign the document and date it. Your signature is a verification that you have provided true information to the best of your knowledge.

Quick Questions

The letter should have come from a regional Veterans Service Center. You should mail your completed form to whatever return address was listed on the envelope.

A veteran’s spouse, children under the age of 18, children attending school who are under the age of 23, and permanently disabled children of any age all qualify as dependents. Children above the age of 18 who are not studying, and children who are above the age of 23, do not qualify as dependents.

The length of time that review will take tends to vary. It could be as little as a week, or it could be as long as sixty days.

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