Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

At PDFSimpli, we stand behind our products 100%. Our intent is to provide the best web-based PDF software for our customers without breaking the bank. If you are in some way dissatisfied with our product please contact us immediately at We will do everything within our power to rectify the situation, and if you are still not satisfied will provide a refund or offer credit to be used at a later date on

Details for Refund:

If you are not satisfied during the trial period, please feel free to cancel in your account settings. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of cancellation.
  1. If you would like a refund within the 48 hours after a recurring charge, please contact us at We only offer refunds for the 48 hours directly after a payment.
  2. Our team will process your request within 5-10 business days of receiving your request. We will work with you to rectify the problem or provide a full refund.
  3. Any $1 payment for credit card verification or authorization will be 100% refundable at customer's request.
  4. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any money you pay to third parties, such as payments made to affiliates. We can only refund funds paid directly to LegalSimpli Software, LLC.

Refunds Revision History

Last updated on December 30, 2017