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There are lots of documents that families should keep filed away in case of emergency or a critical situation. Families should have copies of documents such as birth certificates, marriage records, immunization history, health reports and other details regarding major life changes. Family documents may also include property details about the family home, such as real estate files, home inspection reports and maintenance files.

When you want an easy, convenient solution to help keep your family’s important documents organized, digital tools are the best option. PDFSimpli allows families to digitize their most vital files and keep them in an electronic location for easy access. Instead of having to search throughout your home for various documents, they can be quickly located in one spot online.

Sharing files with other family members and across multiple households is challenging if you only use paper files. It’s much smarter to give other adult family members digital access to the family’s important documents so each person can download and print what they need. When your grown children need access to birth certificates and health records for college and future employment, they can just download their digital copies instantly.