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A real estate brochure can help your business by setting it apart from other businesses in the same industry. Having printed materials, such as brochures, are a great way to market and brand your business at a relatively low cost. Brochures can also help customers remember who you are when they need the services you offer.

Absolutely. You can choose from a variety of sizes and paper stocks, as well as fold styles. You can fill out your brochures with information and details of your choosing and ensure they feature your company’s signature colors and logo. Adding a splash of color and an identifiable logo can go a long way.

You can technically include anything you think might be helpful to prospective customers. To really make an impression, make the most of your headline space by writing an attention-grabbing headline. Incorporate clear, relevant photographs and use no more than two fonts. Using two fonts or less will make your brochure look more professional.