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Facts about the 2018 1099 PDF template

Filling Out a Free 2018 1099 Form PDF Form

The 1099 Form is a tax form that is used to report income other than what is received from a regular job, which is usually reported through a W2. This form allows the government to see any additional income that a person makes, and allow the IRS to make sure that he or she is paying taxes on all income received. You can report earnings such as self-income and more.

Why is the 2018 1099 Form PDF used for?

The IRS calls the 1099 Form an information gathering form because the form is a way of collecting information about money paid out that is not part of a typical salary, which is reported on a W2 form. This income can come from self-employment, interest and dividends, payments from the government, and more. You are not responsible for filling out a 1099 on money that you earn; you will receive these forms from those who pay you. As a contractor or employer, you will fill out a 1099 form for everyone who earns more than $600 per year from you, but is not a salaried worker. This form is also used to report money earned that is neither a salary or contract work. This money may be earned in the form of interest or dividends paid from stocks or mutual funds, government payments like unemployment or taking money out of a retirement account early. A 1099 may also be used to report money that is not actually receive, such as a debt cancellation. Although this is not additional income, it can increase a person’s taxes for the year.

Who Would Use the 2018 1099 Form PDF?

This form is not to be filled out by the person who is earning the money from a contractor, is receiving the money from the government, a mutual fund or stock, a retirement account, or has had debt cancelled. The 1099 form is filled out by the individual or organization that paid out the money. If you have paid someone more than $600 in contracted work during the year 2018, you are required to fill out a 1099 form and send to them not later than January 31. This form is then used by the person receiving the money to report any additional income to the government. The IRS can use these forms to create an accurate picture of an individual’s actual income, and not just what is earned from a salaried job. The IRS can then make sure that an individual as paying the proper taxes.

When Should You Use the 2018 1099 PDF?

This form should be used for any contracted workers who earned $600 or more through contracted work for you throughout the year 2018. As an employer, you should have the form completed and sent to any workers who meet these criteria by January 31, 2018. Likewise, if you work for an organization that pays out interest and dividends or early retirement withdrawals, you are also required to send out the 1099. If your organization forgives a large amount of debt to an individual, that must be reported as well. The government will send out a 1099 form to anyone who receives money from the government, such as unemployment. If you receive a 1099, you are responsible for reporting it to the IRS along with other income you have earned throughout the year. The government may require you to pay additional taxes on this income.

What are the Consequences for not Using a 2018 1099 Form PDF?

Businesses and organizations are required to report contracted income through a 1099 form. If this income is not reported to the employee on a 1099 or is given late, then the company may receive a fine. This fine has a minimum of $250 for each form that is not filed, but the penalty can be much higher. If you receive a 1099 form, you are required to file that form with your taxes. If you do not file this form, you may also get a penalty. This income is reported to the government by your employer or the organization that is issuing you money, so the government will quickly find out if you do not report this income. You will then be required to pay any federal or state taxes that are required on this income. You may also be charged a late fee of up to 25 percent of the money owed.

Steps for Filling Out a 2018 1099 Form PDF Form

  1. Begin by filling out your personal information in the top left corner.
  2. Include your social security number or business taxpayer ID.
  3. Use the employees W9 to enter their personal information and tax ID number.
  4. Include the employees account number, if applicable.
  5. You will then include any amount you paid the employee during 2018 in box 7.
  6. Finally, you will send copies of the form to the employee, the state and the federal government. You should also keep a copy of the form for you business records.

Quick Questions

You typically do not need to fill out a 1099 for corporations, only individuals. If you pay a corporation for contracted work, such as logo design, you do not have to fill out a 1099 for them. They report their income in other ways.

No, you do not have to issue a 1099 to an individual if he or she was paid through PayPal or any other electronic services. These services will issue the 1099 form to the individual so that money earned can be reported.

You only send out a 1099 form to employees who did contracted work for your business. If you hired someone to paint your home, you do not send him or her a 1099, even if the payment was over $600.

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