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Facts about the BOL Template PDF template

The form depicted here is a Bill of Lading, or BOL form template. It is a document that lists items being shipped from a seller or distributor to a recipient. A BOL serves as a legally binding document that provides all the details needed to process and invoice a freight shipment.

Why is the BOL Template PDF used for shipping?

A BOL serves multiple purposes relating to the transportation of goods. It is used as a:
€¢ Document of title.
€¢ Receipt for freight services.
€¢ Contract between a freight carrier and a shipper.

The BOL form template includes fields for various types of information, including the number of shipping units, destination address, freight carrier name, and type of goods. It serves as a legally binding document that covers the transport of goods from one location to another.

A BOL is a transport document and should accompany any shipment of goods. If there is ever a problem with a shipment, a BOL can help you find out where it occurred. Should you decide to file a claim for compensation, you would need to provide the BOL for that shipment.

Who Would Use the BOL Template PDF?

Anyone who is using a freight service to ship goods from one location to another should use a BOL. It provides legal documentation for a shipment while it is being transported. Sellers use BOLs to accompany shipments of goods to buyers.

This important document provides legal coverage for both buyers and sellers in case a shipment is damaged or lost during transport. Without it, there is no proof that the seller shipped the goods to the buyer. Without the proof of shipment, a freight company could refuse to compensate a seller for items lost or damaged during transport.

When Should You Use the BOL Template PDF?

You should use a BOL any time you ship items from one location to another. A BOL provides legal coverage for valuable goods during transportation. Therefore, a BOL form should be included with every shipment of goods.

The BOL should include an itemized list of everything in the shipment. That way, if there is ever a question about the shipment, you can find the answer on the BOL.

What are the Consequences for not Using a BOL Template PDF?

If you fail to include a BOL with a shipment, then you will have no legal proof that you shipped the items. The consequences for not using a BOL would be the complete loss of the value of the shipment if it was lost or damaged during transportation.

While shipping losses continue to decline, items are lost or damaged in transit every year.1 If you want to be sure you are protected from any shipping losses, you’ll need to include an itemized BOL with every shipment you send.

Here is an example of the consequences for not using a BOL. A buyer visited a gallery in NYC and purchases four paintings. The buyer lived overseas and asked the gallery to ship the paintings to him. When the freight company picked up the paintings, the gallery staff forgot to include the BOL.

The ship transporting the paintings lost several containers overboard while at sea and the paintings were never delivered. Because there was no BOL included, the transport company refused to compensate the gallery for the loss of the paintings.

The gallery had to issue a refund to the buyer and compensate the artist. Without the BOL, the gallery had no legal recourse to recover the money for the lost paintings. Instead,the gallery lost more than the value of the paintings, since both the buyer and the artist required compensation. The shipping company could not be held accountable for the loss, since there was no record to prove the shipment had existed.

Steps for Filling Out a BOL Template PDF Form

A BOL form is simple to fill out if you have all the information you need. Following is a list of information you will need to fill out a BOL Template PDF plus step-by-step instructions.

Information Needed

1. Date of shipment.
2. Ship from address.
3. Ship to address.
4. Billing address for third party freight charges (if applicable.)
5. Special shipping or handling instructions.
6. Bill of lading number.
7. Name of the freight carrier, plus trailer and seal numbers for the shipment.
8. Freight charge terms, either prepaid, collect, or third party.
9. Customer order information, including order number, quantity of packages, package or pallet weights, and any additional information for the shipper.
10. Total shipping cost.

Form Instructions

1. Fill out each box in the form with relevant information. You should have enough information to complete the date of shipment, ship from and ship to addresses, and customer shipment information.

2. Ask your freight company for the additional information you need,payment terms, shipping costs, and trailer or seal numbers.

3. Itemize and list all packages in the shipment, including weight, contents, and dimensions.

4. Include any special shipping instructions or additional information for the freight company.

What is a BOL form?

A BOL form is an electronic version of a Bill of Lading form that can be filled out electronically.

-Do I need a BOL form?

You will need a BOL form if you plan to ship goods from one location to another.

How does a BOL work?

A Bill of Lading or BOL serves as a legally binding document that lists the exact contents of a shipment. If the shipment is every called into question, the BOL serves as a legal record and reference document.


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