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Facts about the budget sheets pdf template

Filling Out a Budget Sheets PDF

Do you struggle with keeping track of your spending habits? Do you find that at the end of the month you have no money left over and you are not exactly sure what happened? If so, the Budget Sheets PDF may be just the help you need. This convenient, easy-to-use form aids users in capturing a clearer picture of their finances, whether for a household, a business or a specific project. It is now available in a new, updated version that makes it simpler to use while providing handy new features.

What is a Budget Sheets PDF Used For?

This form can be used anytime a little clarity needs to be injected into a financial budget. And who can’t use more clarity when it comes to finances? With proper use and a little bit of diligence in recording income and expenditures, the Budget Sheets PDF will take the mystery out of your financial situation. The good news is that the form is suitable for people who have little or no financial background, and it works well for people who are experienced with financial matters, too. In essence, the worksheet has been designed to help people get a better understanding of their expenses and income over time. The longer the form is used the clearer the picture will be for your spending habits, expenses and income. One of the great features of the Budget Sheets PDF is that much of it is interactive. Once the main income and expense entries have been recorded, the data is available to you in a variety of formats. You will be able to click on a tab and see, for example, your expenses presented in the form of a bar graph or a pie chart. This gives you a visual glance of your financial information, which can be adjusted in many ways. That is, you can select the time period you wish to view your spending on a category such as groceries or credit card payments, and quickly see how this changes from month to month.

The bottom tabs of the worksheet allow you to view the interactive features of the worksheet.

You will be able to view the following information in a variety of ways by clicking on these tabs:

  • Summary
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Bank Balances
  • Pie Chart Income
  • Bar Graph Income
  • Pie Chart Expenses
  • Bar Graph Expenses
  • Categories
  • Balances

The bottom tabs also include a place to change the names of categories or to add a new category of expenses. There is also a tab for frequently asked questions.

Who Would Use the Budget Sheets PDF?

The Budget Sheets PDF could be a valuable tool for any person wishing to keep a highly-detailed account of income and expenses over a period of time. The following people may especially benefit from this form: €¢ Recently retired €¢ Recently married €¢ Someone with a new job €¢ Someone with changed circumstances in life €¢ Anyone who has experienced a drop or change in income €¢ A new home buyer €¢ A person who has unexpected expenses, such as medical bills While the form is primarily designed for household budgets, it could also prove beneficial to individuals keeping track of business expenses, filling out federal, state or local taxes, recording expenses for a project or keeping track of travel incidentals. This versatile form can be adapted for many uses for the purpose of tracking and understanding expenses in a variety of situations.

What Are the Consequences for Not Using a Budget Sheets PDF?

This PDF is completely voluntary form and as such there are no requirements to use the form, and therefore no legal penalties for not using it. However, the failure to properly account for expenditures for home and business use could have serious repercussions. Excessive spending, especially when it isn’t identified, can lead to spiraling debt and a reduced lifestyle, as well as unwise spending decisions. With the Budget Sheets PDF you will be able to immediately see if you are spending more than you have budgeted. The program automatically highlights any expenditure that is above the amount you have entered as desirable. For example, if you wish to spend only 50 dollars a month on phone expenses, and you spend 60 dollars, this amount will be highlighted in red font, bringing it to your attention.

Steps for Filling Out a Budget Sheets PDF

While not quite as simple as falling off a chair, filling out this PDF form shouldn’t give people too much trouble. The first step, of course, is to get a copy of the form by downloading it so the cells can be filled out from a computer. To get started, users should follow these simple instructions:

  1. On the top left there is a summary tab where the user can enter his or her name.
  2. Also on the top left, there are spots to record dates. It is beneficial to record the date the budget was started, which allows the user to accurately calculate the period of time the budget covers.
  3. Pay attention to the green boxes. These colored boxes provide directions and guidance on how to fill out the form.
  4. Identify the cells with green highlighting. These cells require a manual entry of some kind as the form is filled out.
  5. Play close attention to the multiple tabs along the bottom. These tabs allow you to access the interactive features of the program.
  6. Plug in the data for income and spending in the appropriate boxes.
  7. Use a variety of features to sort and filter information in alphabetical or numerical categories. A helpful tutorial of the form is included in the resources below, and the form itself has a variety of instructions included. The more the form is used, the more helpful it will become, and the more information it will deliver.

Quick Questions

Over time, as you use this form you should gain insights on your household spending habits. The form is most helpful when used over a period of several months. With this information, you should be able to adjust spending to strengthen your finances.

Yes, the Budget Sheets PDF allows you to change currencies. You will need to format the cells to the desired currency; however, the program will not calculate the exchange rate.

Yes, you just need to go to the summary tab and click the dropdown menu for the financial year. This will update all of the connected graphs and charts automatically.


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