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Facts about the dd 108 PDF template

Filling Out a DD Form 108 PDF Form

This form is an application for retired pay benefits to be used by military personnel that are retiring from the United States military. It is only one of the forms required for the retired pay checklist. The entire packet is necessary for military personnel to be eligible to receive their pay. Other documents may also need to be attached to provide proof of identity and proof of service. It is used by both current and former members of the military who are determining eligibility for retirement benefits at age sixty. Components of this form apply to all branches.

Why is the DD Form 108 PDF used for?

The retired pay packet must be fully completed before an individual applying for retired pay benefits turn sixty years old. This packet must be submitted at the very least nine months before an individuals turns sixty and at the very latest ninety days before an individual turns sixty. In some cases an Early Age Drop may apply which must be marked clearly in the document in order to be accepted. A completed Form 108 DD is needed to begin the process to receive retired pay benefits.

Who Would Use the DD Form 108 PDF?

This form is used by former member of the military that are seeking retired pay benefits. It also relates to the retired pay benefits that their spouse is potentially eligible to receive. This form is sent in to the United States Army Human Resources Command located at Fort Knox in Kentucky. The particular version of this form is suited for members of the United States Army. Some variations of the form might be encountered for different branches. In the case of members of the National Guard for example, a NGB Form 23B is also required alongside the Form 108 to complete the retired pay benefits.

When Should You Use the DD Form 108 PDF?

The Form 108 must be completed before an individual turns sixty. It can be submitted nine months prior to sixty, but no later than ninety days before sixty. There are other deadlines involved for the remainder of the documentation included in the Retired Pay Benefits packet. For example, the signatures for spouses must be signed and dated correctly in order for retired pay to be received in an accurate and timely fashion.

What are the Consequences for not Using a DD Form 108 PDF?

The Form 108 is in fact voluntary. However, failure to fill out the form correctly and in a timely manner will result in an individual being ineligible to receive their retired pay benefits. If retired bay benefits are desired it is crucial to fill out this form correctly, to completion, and in the time desired.

Steps for Filling Out a DD Form 108 PDF Form

The Form 108 must be filled to completion. One copy must be submitted to the correct headquarters for a given branch. These various addresses are included in a list featured on the form. Filling out the form can be done by completing the following steps:

  1. Fill out blanks correctly and accurately. – Check that all dates are correct – Mark appropriate retired pay beginning date – Check highest grade maintained during Armed Forces Career
  2. Be careful when marking numbers. These areas are easy to make small mistakes that can jeopardize the entire application. – Record appropriate service serial number and social security number.
  3. Update all addresses and contact information.
  4. Complete remainder of blanks corresponding to Armed Forces information.
  5. Accurately record retirement points to the best of your knowledge. – Note that corrections can be made potentially in the future.
  6. Make sure you and your spouse sign all of the appropriate blanks on the document.
  7. Record correct date application was completed and submitted for approval.
  8. Proofread the remainder of the document. – Check for any errors or mistakes – Ensure no blanks were left empty Note: Errors in the document could result in a delay of retired pay benefits or the potential for retired pay benefits to be unable to received at all.

Quick Questions

The Form 108 is not mandatory. It must only be completed if an individual is seeking retired pay benefits at age sixty. Completing the application is mandatory for the benefits to be received.

The correct address for your corresponding branch is listed on the Form 108 itself. There are separate mailing addresses for all of the five branches. Check that your address is correct to avoid any delays or errors in your application being processed.

The Form 108 applies to all branches. Some additional documentation may also be required for the various different branches. Check your document carefully, fill all blanks, and contact through your chain of command with any necessary questions.

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