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Facts about the dd 137-5 PDF template

Filling Out a DD 137-5 Form PDF Form

A DD Form 137-5 is used to determine the dependency status of an incapacitated child over the age of 21 and their eligibility to receive the military benefits of their respective sponsor. An incapacitated child is an individual that has been determinate mental or physically unable to take care of themselves alone and are unable to support themselves independently.

Why is the DD Form 137-5 PDF used for?

The DD 137-5 form is use by the United States government to determine if a claimed military dependent is eligible to receive the military benefits of their given sponsor. This particular version of this form, specifically the DD 137-5, is for incapacitated children over the age of 21. The information on this form is completely voluntary, however if an individual does not accurately provide said information their dependent will have no chance of being eligible to receive any military benefits whatsoever. Other alterations to this form include if the service member is deceased. The items on the form should be reflective of the last year of the service member’s life.

Who Would Use the DD Form 137-5 PDF?

The DD 137-5 would be used by military members who are trying to determine the eligibility of their incapacitated child over the age of 21 to receive their military benefits. The form is collected by the Treasurer to determine the accuracy of the form and then give out the benefits accordingly.

When Should You Use the DD Form 137-5 PDF?

The DD 137-5 Form is used as a dependency determination for children of military personnel who are incapacitated and over the age of 21. This form is necessary when an incapacitated individual turns 21 and needs to receive benefits or in the event that an otherwise healthy child receiving military benefits becomes incapacitated.

What are the Consequences for not Using a DD Form 137-5 PDF?

Failure to fill out the DD 137-5 would mean the suspension of an individual’s military benefits. Filling out the form inaccurately could result in a loner processing time or run the risk of the dependency request to be denied. In the event the DD 137-5 is denied, individuals must go through an appeal process. This could result in the individual receiving a full suspension of their benefits or suspension on their benefits until he form is properly submitted and processed.

Steps for Filling Out a DD Form 137-5 PDF Form

In this brief guide, you will learn the easiest ways to fill out the DD 137-5. It is important that all information and documents are included and presented so that your dependency determination request is not denied or subject to further review. Collect all necessary support documents and make sure that all areas of the DD 137-5 are filled out completely.

  1. Collect all necessary support documents: – DD Form in its entirety – Current ID Card for Dependent – Medical Sufficiency Form – Birth Certificate – Any Court Documents Relating to Dependency – Any Social Security Benefit Documentation – Proof of Budget (Individual’s Income History)
  2. Fill out the form completely. Sign every necessary area and mark N/A in sections that do not apply. Do not leave any sections blank and proof read thoroughly.
  3. Attach documentation listed above.
  4. Submit copies to respective personnel at the ID card office. The processing time could take up to a few weeks.

Quick Questions

Some common mistakes include not remembering to sign on all blanks, forgetting to include dates, failure to include all necessary documentation, and leaving items on the form blank. 50% of the time a denied form is due to an error made while filing it out. A longer processing time or failure to get the form approved could be avoided by filling it out correctly the first time.

The DD 137-5 form is typically processed by the same office that handles the issuing of military ID cards at your military facility. This would be the best place to start to receive more information about receiving military benefits for an incapacitated child over the age of 21.

There are different versions of this form depending on the branch of service and all documents may change at any moment of time. Check with your local facility where your receive your military ID cards to ensure you have the correct version of this document and the most up-to-date version available.

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