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DD 2860 July 2011DD 2860 July 2011

Facts about the DD 2860 July 2011 template

Introduction A dd form 2860 jul 2011 is used by retirees and those individuals in the process of retiring from the military who want to apply for Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC). Information on the form is reviewed by military personnel and is used to determine applicants eligibility, the amount of pay that will be received and the effective date of payment. Retirees who believe they may be eligible for CRSC and would like to apply must do so through their branch of service.

What is a DD form 2860 Jul 2011 used for?

This form is used by military retirees to request monetary assistance through the Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) Program. The CRSC Program was designed to assist retirees with combat-related disabilities by helping them to recover some or all of their retirement pay that may have been offset by compensation received by the Department of Veterans Assistance (VA). CRSC is offered as monthly, tax-free entitlement pay in addition to retirement pay the individual receives upon separating from the service. To be eligible for assistance through CRSC individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Be entitled to and/or receiving retirement pay through the military
  • Be rated at least 10% by the VA
  • Waive VA pay from retirement pay
  • File a CRSC application with their branch of service.

There are several disabilities that may be considered combat-related injuries. These injuries must be classified as have been caused as a direct result of:

  • Armed conflict
  • Hazardous duty
  • An instrumentality of war
  • Simulated war

Individuals using a dd form 2860 to request CRSC must also be receiving or eligible to receive payments from the Department of Veterans Assistance. Who Should use the DD Form 2860 Jul 2011? Retirees who are seeking payment through the Combat-Related Special Compensation Program should use the dd form 2860. This includes individuals who have been injured due to armed conflict, hazardous duty, instrumentality to war and simulated war. Examples of eligible individuals include (but may not be limited to):

  • Purple Heart awardees with a combined disability rating for Purple Heart disabilities of at least 10% disabled from June 2003 to present
  • Those with a combined disability rating of 60% for all combat-related disabilities from June 1, 2003, to December 31, 2003
  • Those with a combined disability rating of at least 10% for all combat-related disabilities from January 1, 2004, to present

When Should the DD Form 2860 Jul 2011 be Used?

The form should be completed upon retirement. Those who are eligible for VA benefits and are considered at least 10 percent disabled as a direct result of combat-related activities (armed conflict, hazardous duty, instrumentality to war and simulated war) are encouraged to apply upon certification of their disability and the cause by the Veterans Administration. The sooner that an eligible retiree applies and their application is approved, the better. Those who have not received a VA disability rating must wait until their VA disability compensation offset before they will be eligible to file a dd form 2860. While there is no time limit for which a retiree can file the form, applicants should be aware that retroactive pay is limited to a term of 6 years, meaning if a person waits to file beyond 6 years of the eligibility determination date, the United States Defense Finance and Accounting Services will only provide the applicant with 6 years back pay in addition to their monthly allotment from CRSC.

What are the Consequences for not Filling out a DD Form 2860 Jul 2011?

The primary consequence for not filling out the form is the retiree will not be eligible for the tax-free monthly allotment. The income received from CRSC is intended to offset the VA income (that is taxed as income) that disabled retirees may receive. According to, this means that “those military retirees that are qualified will no longer have to worry about having their retirement pay reduced by the amount of their VA disability compensation”. Individuals who do not apply for CRSC but are eligible will not receive their full retirement pay and VA disability compensation.


Steps for Filling our a DD Form 2860 Jul 2011

  • Complete the form in it’s entirety
  • Sign in Block 15 (located at the bottom of page 5)
  • Remember to date the application
  • Pages 1 and 3 do NOT need to be submitted
  • If an answer is not known enter ‘don’t know’ or ‘dk’. Do NOT leave any item blank.
  • Enclose legible copies of all supporting documents. Do NOT send originals
  • Send application packet to the branch of military service from which retired (addresses for each branch are included within the application)

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Frequently Asked Questions Should a Retiree send in their Entire Medical Record with their DD Form 2860? No. Sending in an entire medical record with the DD Form 2860 is strongly discouraged as it will slow down the processing time of the application. Applicants are encouraged to submit only the portions of their medical record that document the cause of injury. Will Supporting Documents be Returned? No. Supporting documents accompanying the dd form 2860 will not be returned. Applicants are encouraged to submit copies of their supporting documents instead. Can Applicants Express Ship Applications Through UPS? Express shipping through UPS or other mail delivery services will not guarantee faster delivery service. This is due to the security screening that each parcel delivered to CRSC must undergo. Applicants can send the applications through express mail but should understand that the extra cost will not result in an advantage of faster delivery time. Resources:

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