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DD2807-1 PDFDD2807-1 PDF

Facts about the DD2807-1 PDF template

The Department of Defense has put out a number of different forms regarding the health of its armed services members. Every service member will have to undergo a complete physical exam after every five years. Service members cannot be cleared for active duty until they’ve completed their medical exam. The “Report of Medical History” document is one part of this.

What Is a DD2807-1 PDF Form Used For?

The “Report of Medical History” document is one of the documents required for a service member to obtain medical clearance. It is used to denote the medical history of the service member in question. The following documents must also be included in a physical examination packet:

  • A “Report of Medical Examination” form
  • An “Applicant Dental Exam Form”
  • Official reports regarding all lab tests
  • Any other relevant medical documents, including those related to age
  • A signed disclosure statement
Fill Out Your DD2807-1 PDF with PDFSimpli in Seconds!

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After you complete the PDF and gather all of the other documentation, you’ll need to mail it to the Department of Medical Affairs.

Who Would Use a DD2807-1 PDF Form?

If anybody intends to be part of the armed services, they need to receive medical clearance before they can go on active duty. This applies both to people who have just enrolled and to people who have gone five years without a medical clearance examination.

The examiner will sign the forms with the date that the examinations were performed. The exam will then be valid for the next five years, through the last of whatever month your examiner signed. If the examination was completed in February of 2016, the medical clearance would then last until February of 2021.

If any service member wants to be accepted into Long Term Training, Permanent Promotion, or Assimilation, they’ll need to provide a “Report of Medical History” that was updated within the last year at least. For this reason, you might need to fill out medical history reports more often than you gather your full examination paperwork.

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When Should a DD2807-1 PDF Form Be Used?

You’ll need the form in the following circumstances:

  • You’ve recently enrolled in some division of the United States Service, and you need to get your medical clearance
  • You have been enrolled in the Service for some time, but your medical clearance has expired, so you need to undergo a new physical examination
  • You need to provide a copy of your medical history relevant to the current year for Long Term Training, Permanent Promotion, and Assimilation purposes

What Are the Consequences for Not Using a DD2807-1 Form?

If you fail to use this form, you won’t be able to get medical clearance for active duty. This form, along with all other required documentation, is absolutely crucial for medical clearance. You cannot be cleared without providing it.

How to Fill Out a DD2807-1 Form

  • Box 1 is where you’ll record your name, including your first name, last name, and middle name. In Box 2, you’ll provide your SSN, while Box 3 is used for today’s date.
  • In Box 4a, you’ll be required to list your home address or addresses. Use Box 4b for your home telephone number. Box 5 is meant to denote your exam location with its exact address.
  • In Box 6a, you’ll write USPHS. The 6b Component for active duty soldiers is “Active Duty.” Box 6c requires you to give the purpose of the examination. Check whatever box applies.
  • Note your rank and category in Box 7, and then list all medications you’re currently taking in Box 8. Box 9 is where you’ll denote your allergies.
  • In Boxes 10 through 28, you’ll need to check YES or NO for the items. If you respond to 14c with “No,” you’ll also need to provide an additional explanation. Make sure you keep in mind that the question asks both whether you currently have the condition and if you’ve ever had it in the past.
  • If you give any “Yes” answers, you’ll need to detail them, including the names of doctors, the courses of treatment given, your current medical status, and the date or dates the problem occurred.
  • The Examiner’s Summary in Box 30 is only required if you’re undergoing a 5-year physical examination. Otherwise, it’s optional. The examining provider will give any comments in Box 30a, while the examiner’s name will be placed in Box 30b. The provider needs to sign in Box 30c, and they’ll also need to sign the form in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

Quick Questions

If you ever intend to separate from the military, this documentation will be a required part of your Separation Health Assessment.

They have the ability to, but they might not if there isn’t a previous history of irregular test results or medical problems.

You might have your medical records pulled if, after you enlist, you become injured or ill. The military will get copies of your medical records to find out whether you had a pre-existing condition.

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