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employee contract PDFemployee contract PDF

Facts about the employee contract PDF template

An employee contract creates a formal, legal agreement between an employer and an employee that covers all aspects of the employment agreement. Some businesses do not have an attorney draw up each contract separately, but use a form with boilerplate legal text. The parties fill in the blanks for names, dates, compensation, etc.

What is the contract of employment PDF used for?

Use a contract of employment each time an employer extends an offer to a potential employee. This document forms the legal specifics of the employment relationship.

While nothing states a contract must be written, it provides a better option legally for both parties. The contract begins as soon as the employer accepts the job. Beginning work indicates you accepted the employer’s offered terms and conditions.

Why use a contract of employment?

In many locations, employees have a legal entitlement to a Written Statement of the major terms and conditions of employment within two calendar months of their hire. The major terms and conditions include specifics such as holidays, pay and working hours. The parties can only alter the contract by agreement.

The employee contract also consists of items some consider a €œgiven,€ but certain positions require including. For example, when hiring a driver, a contract may require the employee have and maintain a valid driver’s license with no points lost.

The contract may also state what seems obvious, but the courts like to see in black and while. For example, a contract may stipulate that an employee adhere to the employer’s formal policies and procedures for the length of their employee.

Who would use the employee contract PDF?

Any employer hiring a new employee would use the contract of employment form if they do not have a specific contract drawn up for the position.

When should you use the employee contracts PDF?

The hiring party should complete it and include it with the verbal or written offer of employment. If the employee wishes to accept the agreement, both parties should immediately sign the agreement.

What are the consequences for not using an employee contract PDF?

Without a contract or a contract form, neither side has legal proof of the work arrangement. For example, if the employee performs their duties improperly, the employer has no document when attempting legal recourse. For example, if the employer fails to pay the employee properly, the employee has no document when attempting legal recourse.

Without a contract, taking disciplinary action against an employee becomes tough. The contract sets the standard that the employee must meet.

Steps for filling out an employee contract PDF Form

  • Complete the employer’s full name and address.
  • Complete the employee’s name and the offered occupation or a brief description of the work offered.
  • Enter the place of work and the address to which the employee must report.
  • Write the date on which employment begins.
  • Fill in the employee’s expected hours and days of work.
  • Fill in the employee’s wage or salary, rate of pay for overtime work and frequency of pay.
  • Describe other cash or in-kind payments available to the employee.
  • Describe necessary deductions from the employee’s remuneration, such as uniform fees.
  • Enter the required notice period for termination of employment.
  • Enter a description of any council or union involved in the employer’s business.
  • Describe, if any, the period of employment with a prior employer that counts towards the employee’s current employment period, i.e. to vest retirement or earn regular employee status.
  • Both parties sign the agreement.

Fill Out Your employee contract PDF with PDFSimpli in Seconds!

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Quick Questions

Most countries encourage or require a contract. For example, the reference articles for this document came from South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

It’s a legal document, but you should always have an attorney review the form and the descriptions you complete it with before providing it to an employee to sign. An attorney can tell you if an item the contract requires the employee to complete is inappropriate or illegal.

No, these are separate documents with differing purposes. The offer letter merely includes the position offered, salary, whether a full or part time position and the proposed start date. A contract of employment provides much more detail.

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