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FAA 8130-6 PDFFAA 8130-6 PDF

Facts about the FAA 8130-6 PDF template

The FAA uses a number of different forms to make important notes about aircraft safety, including designating which aircraft are safe to fly. One of these forms is the Form 8130-6. This is the application for the certificate that is considered the official authorization by the FAA.

What Is the FAA Form 8130-6 Used For?

Before an aircraft is cleared to fly, it needs to undergo rigorous inspection by the FAA to be sure that it’s functioning safely and properly. After the FAA concludes that the aircraft is fit to fly, it will be awarded with an airworthiness certificate. This form is displayed within the aircraft to show that the certification is up-to-date.

The airworthiness certificate itself is Form 8100-2. But to get that form, you need to fill out Form 8130-6, which is the application to receive an airworthiness certificate. The application takes down a great deal of information about the aircraft’s capabilities in a number of different conditions.

A number of different aircraft categories are eligible for the standard airworthiness certificate. In the same vein, they’re also valid to have an application for the certificate filed. These crafts include:

  • Normal airplanes
  • Utility craft
  • Acrobatic planes
  • Commuter planes
  • Transport planes
  • Manned free balloons
  • Special aircraft classes
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After the airworthiness certificate is issued, it will continue to be valid as long as the aircraft:

  • Continues to meet the approved designs for its type
  • Is kept in a condition that is safe to operate
  • Maintenance, alterations, and preventative maintenance are all performed with rigorous adherence to standardized codes

Who Would Use the FAA Form 8130-6 PDF?

After a person purchases an aircraft, they’re responsible for going through the steps to receive their airworthiness certificate. The aircraft cannot be flown until it has been given this certificate. Fortunately, the FAA has outlined a number of reasonably simple steps.

The first thing the registered owner needs to do is to register the aircraft. After this, they’ll need to complete their Form 8130-6 Application. The application should be submitted to the closest local FAA office. Only after the application is filed will the FAA do an inspection to determine whether the aircraft is safe to operate and eligible for airworthiness.

The actual application form will ask for a great deal of detailed information about the aircraft, but the person responsible for filling it out is the aircraft owner.

When Should the FAA Form 8130-6 PDF Be Used?

After a person makes a new purchase of an aircraft, their first step should be to get it registered with the FAA. This needs to be done as soon as possible. You shouldn’t worry about the airworthiness application until after you’ve finished the registration process.

When you’ve completed the registration, you’ll need to fill out your airworthiness application with all of the relevant data. This is submitted to your local FAA office. After that, an FAA inspection will determine the eligibility of your aircraft to fly. If you’re issued an airworthiness certificate, you’ll display this inside the aircraft.

What Are the Consequences for Not Using an FAA Form 8130-6?

This is the official application form to receive your airworthiness certificate. You cannot fly an aircraft that hasn’t yet received its clearance. Doing so could result in a hefty fine from the FAA, and depending on the circumstances, possibly even criminal charges. On top of that, it’s incredibly dangerous to fly an aircraft without having the FAA inspect it to make sure it is safe to operate.

How to Fill Out an FAA Form 8130-6 PDF

Section I is where you’ll give the description of your aircraft. All of the identifying details should be found on your registration certificate or your ID plate. Alternatively, you might be able to find them on your aircraft specification sheet.

In Section II, you confirm that you are requesting an airworthiness certificate. For most aircrafts, you’ll be applying for a Standard Airworthiness Certificate. However, if you have an aircraft that doesn’t meet the standard airworthiness requirements, you might need to apply for a Special Airworthiness Certificate instead. You’ll also need to make notes about any restrictions or limitations that should be placed on the certificate.

Section III is the owner’s certification. This section should only be filled out if you are not applying for a special flight permit. You’ll be required to give personal information about yourself, whether you’re a dealer, and the aircraft certification basis. You’ll also need to indicate that you have complied with any and all applicable airworthiness directives.

Section IV is completed if the application for the certificate is related to FAR 21.183(d). If the application is being filed under any other circumstances, you should leave this section blank.

You don’t need to worry about Section V. This section should be completed by whatever designee is in charge of the aircraft inspection. Similarly, Section VI should only be completed by aircraft manufacturers who are currently applying for a special flight permit to test production aircraft.

Section VII will ask for further information about special flight permits, if this is part of your application. Section VIII will also be completed by the aircraft inspector and will document the airworthiness of the aircraft.

If you meet the requirements to attach any of the forms listed, you must obtain copies and file them with your application.faa-form-8130-6

Quick Questions

The application will require registration information that you won’t have access to until after your registration process is complete.

This really depends on how long it takes for the initial application to process, an inspection to be scheduled, and results of the inspection to clear. It could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

At the end of the application, you’ll see a great deal of documents listed. You only need to include any documents that apply to your particular circumstances. You’re not expected to have every single one of them.

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