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Facts about the I-134 Sample PDF template

Form I-134 is the form that a United States sponsor fills out when they need to show the government that they’re able to support a non-citizen while that person temporarily stays in the United States. The person who signs the form needs to either have a green card or be a citizen of the United States. It’s an ideal form when the person who wishes to enter the country doesn’t have enough income to avoid being found at risk of becoming a “public charge.”

What Is a Form I-134 Sample PDF Used For?

When a person enters the United States, they generally must prove that they have some kind of income. Alternatively, they might prove that they have enough assets to support themselves. The main point is that they need to prove that they aren’t at risk of becoming dependent on government assistance during their stay in the US.

Sometimes, a person doesn’t have the income level required to prove they aren’t a risk. Non-United States citizens generally need to prove that they have an income that places them at least 125% above the federal poverty line. If this isn’t the case, they can have a sponsor living in the United States sign Form I-134. This form is usually connected to diversity visas, fiance visas, and visitor visas. The sponsor explains that they’re willing to take financial responsibility for the other party by financially supporting them if the need arises.

When a person applies for a visitor visa, they’ll face a big hurdle to prove that they don’t intend to overstay their visa and find a job. They must prove that they currently have enough money saved to pay for the entirety of their United States stay without taking on a job. If they can prove they have enough saved assets to manage this, there’s no need to submit a Form I-134. However, if they cannot prove they have the required assets, and the visitor has family or friends in the country, those people can prepare a Form I-124 and send it to the applicant. The applicant will then present it when they have their visa interview with a United States consulate.

This affidavit won’t automatically be accepted as proof that the immigrant isn’t at risk of becoming a public charge. However, the person will face a great deal less scrutiny than an intended permanent resident or longer-term immigrant would. Visitors can also use a letter of invitation to help in this way.

Who Would Use a Form I-134 Sample PDF?

The Form I-134 must be filled out by a person who is either a United States citizen, or a permanent green card holder (“lawful permanent resident”). They will fill out the affidavit on behalf of a person outside the country who intends to visit on a visitor’s visa, fiance visa, or diversity visa. In most cases, they’ll need to show that their income for their family size puts them above the federal poverty line. If the visa applicant is looking to become a permanent resident, their sponsor will need to prove that their income puts them at 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.

When a sponsor fills out this form, they will be taking on some financial responsibilities. The United States consulate has the right to require that the signer posts a bond, guaranteeing that the immigrant will comply with their visa terms and depart their country on time. Theoretically, if the person receiving a sponsorship becomes dependent on government assistance at any point, the government has the right to sue the sponsor to reimburse the charges. It is, however, very rare for this provision to be enforced. Most lawyers don’t believe that this would hold up in court.

When Should a Form I-134 Sample PDF Be Used?

If anybody intends to enter the United States, and they’re not sure whether they can meet the income or asset proof requirements, I-134 is a good idea. They must have family or friends who are willing to take on financial responsibility for them, however.

When you fill out the Form I-134, you should email your finished PDF copy to the potential immigrant. This person should then print the document and bring it with them when they have their visa interview.

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What Are the Consequences for Not Using a Form I-134 Sample?

The I-134 is one of the most important documents to prove that a person has the financial means to complete their legal intentions in the United States without becoming dependent on the government.

If a person has enough proof of their income and assets alone, they don’t need to use this form. But if they aren’t sure whether they do, or they’re sure they don’t, a valid Form I-134 is the only way they’ll get their visa application granted.

How to Fill Out a Form I-134 Sample

The sponsor is the one who needs to fill out the application.

In Part 1, they’ll give personal information about themselves. This will include their name, mailing address, physical address, and Social Security number or Alien Registration number. In Part 2, information about the visiting party, or beneficiary, will be collected. This includes their marital status, country of citizenship, information about their family, and name.

Part 3 captures information about the sponsor’s employment, assets, and general income. This includes the number of dependents they have, their current employment information, information about any real estate they own, and any other assets they currently have.

In Part 4, you’ll give your personal contact information and your affirmation that you will take responsibility for the immigrating person. You’ll need to sign. If an interpreter or preparer was involved in the document’s completion, they’ll also need to give their information and authorization.form-i-134-sample

Quick Questions

No. In the past, it did need to be, but this stipulation has since been dropped.

For the most part, you’ll send the application to the immigrant, who will use it at their interview. However, guidelines differ slightly depending on whether they reside inside or outside the US currently.

There’s no fee to file a Form I-134.

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