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Facts about the esign PDF template

An esign is an electronic signature that can be created on a laptop, mobile device, or computer. Esigns are very popular because they eliminate the need for the signer to have to wait to receive the physical document to sign. The signer does not have to travel to where the actual document is located in order to sign it.

Why is the free esign PDF used?


The free PDF that one can esign can be used for creating agreements, documents, or contracts. Biz Fluent points out a few simple items are needed in order to make a contract or agreement. The terms that should be on a contract are:

  • The date
  • The parties involved
  • Describe what the agreement is
  • The terms
  • Signatures
Fill Out Your esign PDF with PDFSimpli in Seconds!

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Using a free esign on a PDF form is an easy way to achieve this. Anyone can write a contract. You do not need to be an attorney, but if the contract is ever breached and the parties go to court, the judge will review the contract for legalities.

Describing the agreement and terms is an important part of creating the contract. Take your time and be as detailed as possible. For example, if the agreement is about physical work being performed, describe the work and what condition you expect the job to look like at the end and give it a time frame. Write down when the work should be completed by. If the contract concerns a physical item, such as a television, write out the make, model, and serial number.

Who Would Use the free esign PDF?

The people that can use the free electronic signatures should be deemed competent. The Law Dictionary describes a person as being legally competent as one that can make a rational decision, and this person shows sufficient mental capabilities to understand the consequences. Nearly everyone can create, sign, or enter into a contract over just about every situation. It is a good idea for family members to create and sign simple contracts because this could save grief and arguments down the road. People doing business with strangers should create agreements and sign them.

US Legal acknowledges that minors can freely enter into a contract, but the contract is voidable. The contract will probably not hold up in a court of law if one or both of the parties are minors. In most states, people are considered minors until they reach the age of 18.

When Should You Use the free esign PDF?

You should get the esigns before any work or physical goods are exchanged hands. If the project is started and then you try to create a contract, one side may not agree with the other and neither side may not have any recourse since there is no signed agreement between the two. If the situation goes to court, it will be a case of he said, she said, and the judge or jury will make the final decision.

You should use the esign PDF before any items are exchanged hands. Using the PDF will clarify the price or payment schedule. The terms can be spelled out:

  • As-is
  • Within a certain time period, there is a full warranty
  • The item is nonrefundable

Be sure to spell out the time frames, such as 30 days or one week. If there is a partial warranty, describe or attach a copy of what that warranty includes. Sometimes an item, like a car battery, can be returned but it is prorated for however long it did operate. If the item can be returned but the refund will not be €œin full€, make those terms clear and a part of the contract.

What are the Consequences for not Using a free esign PDF?

The consequences for not using the free signed PDF are not having a valid contract or no binding agreement. Without some type of signed document, it is difficult and possibly very costly to prove what each party was responsible for. The consequences can spiral into hurt feelings, court costs, and lost friendships. Using the free signature platform can eliminate confusion over areas such as:

  • Time or extension agreements
  • Guarantees
  • Payment schedules
  • Conditions

Without a signed PDF, physical labor could be dragged out for longer than expected or the job may not be completed to one parties expectations. Without signatures, items sold could be thought to be guaranteed to work but the seller believes it to be sold as-is with no warranties. Using a contract and then backing the contract up with electronic signatures is one way to clarify terms and conditions before problems occur.

The Right Signature states the esigned documents have been commonly accepted since 2000 on most types of contracts or agreements. The signatures can be passed from state to state, which could be a common occurrence if selling goods nationally.

Steps for Filling Out a free esign PDF Form

Depending on what the PDF is covering you will want certain terms and conditions spelled out. If an item is being sold you will want to cover warranties or describe if it is an as-is sale. Describe the item being sold by using serial or model numbers if available. If there are no identifiable numbers or words, add a photograph or note the size, color, and markings. When using the PDF signed document for labor, write out details such as:

  • The period the work is to be completed in and what the penalties are if it is not finished on time
  • The payment details
  • The final condition
  • Who is responsible for supplies and clean up

Quick Questions

If the signers are over the age of 18, the agreement could be legal. If one of the signatures is from minor, the contract might be voidable. In addition, certain conditions must be on the contract such as the date, a description of the work, and the name of the parties involved.

Both parties have to sign for most agreements to be binding, but if one person signs the paper in real life with a true wet signature, the paper can be sent as a PDF to the other party for signature. One or all signatures can be electronically signed.

Depending on how the PDF is sent, you may be able to sign one of several ways. Some programs let you sign your electronic device€™s screen with your finger or a stencil. Other programs give you premade signatures of your name to choose, and you just select a font you like and tap the signature blank. It will be imputed it for you.

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