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How to Fill Out a Residential Lease Template PDFHow to Fill Out a Residential Lease Template PDF


Facts about the How to Fill Out a Residential Lease Template PDF template

Most often, residential rental agencies or property management businesses will have their own standard lease agreement. However, if you rent from a private individual you may need to fill one out yourself. There are free residential lease templates available. Here is information about why you need one, what can happen if you don’t, plus instructions on how to complete the form.

Why is the Residential Lease Template PDF used for?

Filling out a lease agreement is important for both the tenant and the landlord. Information is contained in a lease agreement can that can settle a number of issues that could arise during the term of the lease. Without a lease agreement, problems can arise.

Information such as the amount of rent due, the duration of the lease, plus who is responsible for certain types of repairs are items contained within a residential lease. Often, a civil court will not even hear a residential lease dispute if there is not a lease agreement in place.

Lease agreements designate who is responsible for damage, and what steps are necessary to have situations within the property repaired. The agreement will establish a legal foundation for who is responsible for these repairs, even simple maintenance of the leased property or the grounds.

While there are a number of important legal details spelled out in a residential lease agreement, the primary objective is to protect both the owner and the landlord. If you opt to rent from a private individual or agency that does not require a lease agreement, this free PDF template is an excellent alternative.


Who Would Use the Residential Lease Template PDF?

Both landlords and tenants should always insist on a lease agreement. Individuals with multiple properties for lease can and do document certain types of rental depreciation off on their income taxes. Without specifying these items in a rental agreement, they cannot be deducted.

Even property owners who rent a single room in a private home should really have a lease agreement in place. There are a number of legal pitfalls that can happen without a strong lease agreement signed by both parties.

Renters will be unable to hold a landlord accountable for repairs, and likewise, a landlord may not be able to secure compensation for damages. In essence, anyone who rents out, or signs a residential lease will benefit from using this free template.

When Should You Use the Residential Lease Template PDF?

The broad answer to any question about when you should use a residential lease agreement is for every type of rental. Here are more specific details addressing when you should use a residential agreement.

  • Both the renter and the landlord, for all occupancy situations that are longer than two-weeks, should sign a residential lease agreement.
  • Commercial management companies who oversee multiple rental properties must file short and long term lease agreements.
  • A residential lease agreement needs to be used for rentals of multi-unit complexes such as apartment buildings, condominiums and duplexes.
  • The all-encompassing answer for when you should use a residential lease PDF, is anytime there is a rental arrangement and there isn’t a standard lease agreement already prepared.
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What are the Consequences for not Using a Residential Lease Template PDF?

The biggest consequence of not having a residential lease agreement pertains to seeking damages in court. If there is nothing legally binding, a landlord can have a difficult time recouping loses from damages or failure to pay rent.

Renters can likewise have a hard time, forcing a landlord to fix broken appliances, or make timely repairs if they cannot produce a lease. The worst case scenario for a landlord will be the arduous task of evicting a non-paying tenant if there isn’t a residential lease agreement.

Steps for Filling Out a Residential Lease Template PDF Form

  1. While this may sound like a cliché, read the entire agreement before you even start to fill in the blanks. Understand what aspects of the agreement you are going to accept responsibility for, and which ones will be the duty of your landlord.
  2. Make sure you have all the documents you may need ahead of time. You will need some form of picture identification and probably a second form of ID such as a social security card or birth certificate.
  3. Always use an ink pen to fill in the blanks on any agreement that could produce a legally binding contract. Print legibly, filling in all spaces. If there are any spaces that do not apply to your rental arrangement, use N/A and initial each of these instances.
  4. Reread the entire standard residential lease agreement, being certain that you filled in every space and that all the information is accurate.
  5. Sign the agreement. Both parties should sign the residential lease agreement at the same time if possible, and it’s never a bad idea to have the signing documented by a notary public.

Common Questions About a Residential Lease Agreement

Wouldn’t a verbal agreement be good enough for a residential rental?

Verbal rental agreements might be fine, as long as there are never any questions or points of disagreement. When there is a dispute covering any aspect of a verbal rental arrangement, the verbal agreement is essentially impossible to prove. Verbal rental arrangements rarely give favor to either side in a legal dispute.

Are there any differences between a commercial property lease agreement and a residential lease agreement?

In a nutshell, the answer is most definitely. The primary difference between these two rental contracts are the protections afforded a residential tenant over a business. Businesses renting a business location are seen in the eyes of the court to be equal entities.

A commercial lease is also much harder to break than a residential lease. If you are renting a residence, always use a residential lease.

Who’s allowed to live on the property with a residential lease agreement?

The only adult tenants who can legally live at a rental residence are those listed on the lease agreement. This is an important part of having a lease. Children, both natural and adopted, are automatically added to a lease. Make certain you know how to add additional tenants to your lease and if that is even an option.

This is an explanation of who needs a rental lease agreement and why they should have one. If you are considering renting a residential dwelling, and there is no standard lease available, this free template is available. Anyone entering into a rental situation, both landlord and tenant, should have a completed residential agreement.

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