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funeral program template word PDFfuneral program template word PDF

Facts about the funeral program template word PDF template

A funeral program template is an easy way for grieving families to compile information about their deceased loved one. The template helps organize things that can be highlighted about the person’s life. It also helps organize important milestones and dates. The document aids in producing a complete, organized, and meaningful farewell.

Why is the free funeral program template word PDF used?

The funeral program template is used to help people focus on and remember the life of a departed friend or family member. During difficult times, it can be hard to remember details and contributions that a person may have made. Using a template helps jog the memory in a sensitive way so that the final program can be a fitting memory.

If there is little information available about the deceased, the program template helps create a better picture of their life. If a person led a private life or did not have extensive family or friends to reach out to, a template helps to fill in the blanks, and it helps make an obituary from whatever information is at hand.

Who Would Use the free funeral program template word PDF?

The family and friends of the deceased would use the free templates. Other groups that may need the forms are churches and funeral homes. People that are not family but who will be in charge of any funeral plans and the program need to access the form. These types of people might be:

  • Executor of the estate
  • Trustee
  • Chaplains
  • Law enforcement or firefighters
  • Service and military personnel
  • Leaders in religion
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When planning the service the template provides guidance. It makes it easier for the person in charge of the final document to talk to family about things they might like to see in the program. Depending on the deceased lifestyle, hobbies, work, and activities, the program can cover anything from funny facts to serious matters of the heart. If there were any final request or wishes left that the departed wanted to note, the funeral program maybe an appropriate place to share those.

When Should You Use the free funeral program template word PDF?


The free funeral template should be used when there is an abundance of information about the departed. If a person has lived a busy life, it can be hard to break down the areas you want to make special note of. Funeral Wise explains that there are many styles of funerals and the programs should match the funeral’s feel. The traditional funeral covers the life and death, while the celebration services focus on the life and the living family and friends left behind. Once you know the style of the service, the word template really helps you narrow down what to mention and what to highlight about the person’s life.

The funeral program PDF can be used to help gather details about a private person. Sometimes it may seem like there is limited information to put in the program, but the guidelines of the word document can help add in forgotten details about a person’s work life, family life, and social areas. The template is helpful to create a program for someone who does not have a lot of family but perhaps had a long career or was active in the military. Other areas that the template can help bring the forefront are:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Hobbies
  • Social groups
  • Politics
  • Military service

What are the Consequences for not Using a free funeral program template word PDF?

The consequences for not using the free funeral template are missed opportunities to learn about the deceased likes and life. Items the form puts together are dates. Common dates are the birth and death, but other important dates are marriage, graduation, and retirement dates. The obituary of the deceased can be hard to get organized if there are many sources. If the family wants to share their experience and the departed has work mates and social friends who want to have some input, a template will help compartmentalize each area and interest and make it a cohesive biography. Legacy News recommends acknowledging any charities, military services, schools, or special interest the late person may have been involved in.

Another consequence of not using a funeral template is not remembering to incorporate the smaller details of a person’s life. People do not discuss the little things they do each day or over time, but these seemingly little events can make a big difference in someone else’s life. Little things like being kind to animals and neighbors, being a coach, or participating in community activities can be recognized and remembered if you are using a funeral template. You do not want to overlook any survivors if you are going to list any of them in the program. It is common to list remaining immediate family, extended family, and close friends as the deceased survivors. Obituary Help has a list of survivors and order they can be presented in.

Steps for Filling Out a free funeral program template word PDF Form

The free funeral template breaks the steps down into manageable pieces. The first step is the date and place of birth, and the last step is date of death.

  • Location and time of service
  • Photographs and an obituary
  • Poems, verses, or prayers
  • Acknowledgements
  • Survivors
  • Wake, reception, or burial services

Burial Planning lists some type of burial options are in-ground burials, mausoleum, or cremation.

Quick Questions

Use the free funeral template. Add the date of the funeral and a photograph. Write an obituary. Add a poem, verses, or prayer. You can add the name and order of any speakers that will be giving a talk at the service.

There is no standard length that you must follow when making a program. The only things that are always expected in a funeral program are the person’s name, date of birth and death. Details, including cause of death, do not have to be in the program. It is optional.

A photograph of the deceased is nice to have, but there are circumstances where a good photo is just not available. In those situations, you can use a picture of something the deceased enjoyed doing, such as fishing or riding a motorcycle. Other options instead of a photograph for the template are pictures of flowers or a flag.

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