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Facts about the Online Will PDF template

A €œwill€ is the short name for €œLast Will and Testament.€ This document is used to secure your estate from becoming government property upon your death. An €œestate€ is anything that is owned, such as homes, vehicles, and even digital property. Free, online PDF wills are widely available to complete the forms privately. Having a will brings peace of mind to parents, property owners, and heads of household with multiple heirs.

What is an Free Online PDF Will Used For?

A free, online PDF Will is used to safeguard personal property and possessions after death. The process of creating and establishing a last will and testament is not complicated if owners coordinate ahead of time how their assets and possessions are to be divided among those who will survive them. Without a Will, most personal property may become property of the government, depending on the laws of the state where the property is located. Therefore, a Last Will and Testament serves as €œthe last word€ in the matter of what will happen to a deceased person’s valuable assets.

While Wills are not mandatory, they do save a lot of time and confusion. Wills allow estate owners to be in charge of who accepts their property and possessions after death. Also, they help to establish guardianship for minors who would be left without a parent or guardian.

Most importantly, a Will not only helps to determine beneficiaries (people who will inherit the estate), but they also allows owners to select an executor who will ensure that everything stated in the Will is carried out.

Who Would Use the Free Online PDF Will?

People who may find the free online PDF Will useful are people who:

1. Are adamant about how to divide up their estate in the event of their death.
2. Do not want their possessions to be taken over by the government or state after they die.
3. Want specific guardians for any minors who will be left behind after the parent’s death.

When Should You Use a Free Online Will?

There is never a €œgood€ or €œbad€ time to establish your Last Will and Testament.

However, like with any other process that involves preparation and fair thinking, it is advisable to create a Last Will during non-stressful times. When a Will is made under complex and stressful circumstances, your own emotions may render you biased or vulnerable to make rushed decisions.

Therefore, the optimal time to create a Last Will and Testament using a free online Will is whenever you feel mentally prepared to make level-headed decisions about your property.

In many states a Last Will and Testament must be notarized in order to be valid. To follow the process correctly get information from the Bar Association’s website for your state.

Last Wills and Testaments can be filled out individually, or by a married couple, if the laws of the state allow it. Some states require witnesses to be brought along for the notarization process.

What are the Consequences for not Using a Free Online Will PDF?

The Last Will and Testament is the final word of the deceased in terms of what will happen to his or her valuable assets after death. The finality of the Will complies with the final wishes of the deceased, and protects the assets from being taken by the state or government.

A Will establishes beneficiaries, guardians, and executors. It is a clear and concise document that eases the grieving process by taking away the preoccupation of what will happen to the belongings of loved ones after their passing. It also eases the mind of property owners because the Will puts them in control of how their goods will be distributed.

Steps for Filling Out a Free Online Will PDF Form

1. Download the form in any of these formats:


2. Section I: State, in the header area, the person to whom the will is after the word €œI.€ Then, enter your city, county and state.

3. Section II: Fill out who will be your executor, or the person who will overlook that your will is carried out. Enter their full name and address. Also select a secondary potential executor in the event your first choice is unavailable.

4. Section III: Fill out the names of your beneficiaries, or the people who will receive your property after death. You, as the testator, can choose specific items to individuals. You can also select a sole beneficiary by giving that person €œAll real and personal property.€ You will need the last 4 digits of the social security numbers of the people you list.

5. On the Governing Law tab, enter the primary state of residence of the testator.

6. The final step is to sign the testator’s name and date, then sign and print their name.

7. In order to make the Will legal and final, notarize it and bring along 2 witnesses who will provide their signatures.

Quick Questions

When someone dies without a Last Will and Testament on file, all of the assets belonging to the deceased have to go through the laws of intestacy. This means that the laws of the state will decide for the deceased what will happen to all of his or her belongings. No family wishes, or influence, may change that.

While the laws vary from state to state, the typical action is to pass the assets to the spouse of the deceased. Keep in mind that, if there is a legal spouse that is no longer associated with the deceased, but is still on file as the spouse, this person will still be seen by law as a beneficiary. It is of essence to identify beneficiaries, even if they are not legally bound to the deceased by marriage. In general, the state will locate all living relatives and make them beneficiaries.

It may bring peace of mind to your relatives to know that you have all your affairs in order. If you rather not discuss the matter with loved ones, speak to your executor and state the location of the will in the event that something happens.

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