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Facts about the W9 PDF template

Form W-9 is an official IRS tax form put out by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. The form can be otherwise identified as a request for taxpayer certification and identification number. It’s the form that people use to receive their correct TIN. This TIN will then be given to the person who is filing the information return.

What Is a Free W9 Form PDF Used For?

Form W-9 is used to make requests for taxpayer identification numbers, otherwise known as TINs. These numbers are attached to United States persons, including resident aliens who are not citizens. You can also use the form to request certain types of certifications, along with a few different claims for exemption.

Where a global partnership is concerned, Form W-9 might be a signed requirement for their United States partners to reduce the presumption that the partnership is foreign. It’s also a way to avoid having the allocable share of the partner withheld from income that is effectively connected. The official IRS instruction guide for the form gives more details about these circumstances under the Regulations section.

If a foreign financial institution is dealing with an account that is held by a United States person, they should make a W-9 request for the TIN of every holder that meets the qualifications for a United States person.

If a foreign entity is using the Form W-9, they should also be encouraged to complete Form W-8 and Form 8233 as are appropriate for their particular business.

Who Would Use a Free W9 Form PDF?

The Form W-9 is used when another entity needs to find out the taxpayer identification number of an individual in the United States. This information might be required for a variety of reasons. Foreign entities generally will need to make this request form in addition to preparing whatever other legal documentation is required for their circumstances.

When referring to a United States person, the Form W-9 means people who fit any of these circumstances:

  • They are an individual who either has a United States citizenship or a legal residence in the country without an official citizenship
  • Instead of being an individual person, they are a corporation, partnership, association, or company that was organized or created within the United States or under United States laws
  • Any non-foreign estates are included
  • Any domestic trust is included
Fill Out Your W9 PDF with PDFSimpli in Seconds!

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A domestic trust must meet the definition outlined in the Regulations section 301.7701-7.

When Should a Free W9 Form Be Used?

When a person is required to file a tax return with the IRS, and they need to give the information of another individual, they’ll use Form W-9 to request the individual’s Taxpayer Identification Number. The same procedure is used if the other party is a corporation or partnership rather than an individual.

For individuals, most of the time, the TIN will be the same as the SSN. That said, there are some rare cases in which individuals lawfully residing in the United States do not meet the eligibility requirements for an SSN. They live in the country, pay federal taxes, and file federal tax returns. When this is the case, the individual has a responsibility to use Form W-7 to apply for an ITIN. If an individual has an ITIN instead of an SSN, this is the number they must provide on the Form W-9.

In the majority of cases, a business or individual will use a Form W-9 to request the taxpayer information of a person they hired as an individual contractor. Independent contractors are also known as freelancers. They’re people who run their own businesses. When a business receives services from an independent contractor, and they pay that contractor at least $600, these payments must be reported to the IRS using a 1099-MISC form. To complete the 1099-MISC form, businesses need to use the information obtained through the Form W-9.

What Are the Consequences to Not Using a Free W9 Form?

If you fail to file a Form W-9 when necessary, you won’t be able to receive the taxpayer information necessary to complete your federal tax filings. This can lead to severe consequences, including hefty fines from the IRS. Whenever a business pays an independent contractor at least $600, they must file a W-9 form with the IRS. This is because they’re legally obligated to submit a 1099 form for every independent contractor whose services exceeded $600. The 1099 form cannot be completed without the information given through the W-9 form.

How to Fill Out a Free W9 Form

  • Write your full legal name on the first line, and the name of your business on the second line. Check any appropriate boxes regarding the name written in Box 1. Note any tax exemptions. Then provide your address, account numbers, and the name and address of the requester.

That’s actually all there is to the filling-out process. The form looks long, but the majority of it is just an explanation of the regulations and circumstances in which you’d need to file

Quick Questions

If a business or a person hires a contractor during the year, and this contractor is paid at least $600, the business who hired them has a legal obligation to report the services to the IRS. They’ll do so using the 1099 form. After you receive your Form W-9 with information about the contractor, you need to use this information to fill out the relevant portions of the 1099.

If possible, it’s helpful to file this form well in advance of tax season. That way, you already have all the required information when it’s time to fill out your 1099s. You don’t want to miss a window of opportunity, wait excessive time for the form to process, and find yourself missing deadlines for tax filing.

If they did business with a contractor who has a TIN, then yes, they do. They should also make sure they fill out any other required documentation for foreign tax filing.

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