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Kappa Delta Recommendation PDFKappa Delta Recommendation PDF

Facts about the Kappa Delta Recommendation PDF template

Kappa Delta is a national sorority that prides itself on being an organization for women. The goal is to help members fill their full potential. Members will be prepared for responsible citizenship, active leadership, and community service. If a current member wants to recommend a new member, they can do so using the official recommendation form put out by the Kappa Delta organization.

What Is a Kappa Delta Recommendation Form PDF Used For?

If you’re a member of the Kappa Delta sorority already, and you know a young woman who’s just embarking on her college adventure, you can recommend her for membership with the sorority. It’s not required that a person be recommended to receive their membership, but recommendations do give women a beneficial introduction to their local chapter. Recommendation submissions must be given by Kappa Delta members.

If a woman is an alumna currently in good standing with a Kappa Delta chapter in any part of the nation, they can fill out a recommendation form regarding potential new members. Collegiate members in good standing are able to write recommendation forms regarding young women who might be recruited at a different school, but she cannot submit a recommendation for anyone in her own school.

If the member has the potential to be a legacy, you should make a note of it on the form. Legacy members are members who are the sister, granddaughter, or daughter of an initiated member. Step-relations and half-relations can also count as legacies if their current Kappa Delta member considers them to be family members.

Who Would Use a Kappa Delta Recommendation Form PDF?

The person filling out the form must be a member of Kappa Delta in good standing. Recommendations cannot be made by people who are not Kappa Delta members. If the member is currently attending college, they can only file recommendation forms for people who aren’t attending their current college. Alumnus members, on the other hand, are free to file recommendations for women all over the nation.

The recommendation should be filled out on behalf of a woman who is going to college for the first time, or a woman who has been in college for a while without participating in a sorority. If the current KD member believes they will be a good fit for the sorority, the recommendation form is the easiest way to have them given special consideration.

When Should a Kappa Delta Recommendation Form PDF Be Used?

This type of form should generally be used when the initial sorority signups are going on. It’s best to fill out the recommendation toward the beginning of the academic year. You can file recommendations at any point throughout the academic year, but it’s not guaranteed that the person you’re recommending will be given consideration until the following year.

What Are the Consequences for Not Using a Kappa Delta Recommendation Form PDF?

It’s not required for members to have a recommendation before they get accepted. However, a recommendation does give a person points in their favor. It should be noted that a recommendation is also not a guarantee that you will be accepted into the sorority, but it’s a good starting point.

How to Fill Out a Kappa Delta Recommendation Form PDF

At the top of the form, you should check the box if the person you’re recommending is a legacy. If they aren’t, you can merely leave the box blank. You’ll give the name of the college or university where the recommended chapter is.

In the Potential New Member Information section, you’ll take down as much information about the potential member as you can. This includes:

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  • Their full name, along with any nicknames they prefer
  • Their home address
  • The names of their father and mother, along with the college or university each attended
Fill Out Your Kappa Delta Recommendation PDF with PDFSimpli in Seconds!

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You’ll need to check a box indicating that the potential member realizes they will have to meet financial obligations for the sorority. You will also need to check a box if the potential member has a relative who is already in Kappa Delta.

Under the KD Relatives section, you’ll capture any information about Kappa Delta relatives the person has. If you’re a KD relative, you should record your own information here. Any other relatives should also have their information recorded. If the potential member has any other connections with sororities, you should list the relationships and affiliations they have.

In the Academics section, you’ll provide information about the potential member’s academic performance. This includes the name of the high school they attended, the year they graduated, and their ending high school GPA. You should also give their class rank and class size, SAT score, and the class they’re currently in for college. If they’re a transfer student, check the appropriate box. If they’ve already attended college, you should note the name of the school they attended, along with their major and college GPA.

In the Personality and Leadership Qualities section, you should put a check by any of the qualities that the potential member has. Use the “Comments” section for any additional notes. In the Kappa Delta Recommendation section, you should reaffirm that you’re recommending them for membership. You should also explain the number of years that you have known the person, along with any remarks you may have.

Sign the recommendation and provide the date you completed the form. You should then give your contact information, including your phone number, email, and address.kappa-delta-recommendation-form

Quick Questions

There are more than 250,000 members across the entire nation.

Kappa Delta was founded in 1897, so it’s been in operation for more than a century!

Recommendations are never a guarantee of acceptance, even with a legacy candidate. However, legacy recommendations will be given special consideration. It’s important that there are people who are willing to vouch that this woman is a good fit for the sorority. That won’t be overlooked.

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