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Facts about the MA RMV1 PDF template

For drivers living in Massachusetts, the RMV-1 form serves a variety of purposes. Motor vehicle owners may need the form when the vehicle is sold and the registration is transferred. This form will be required whenever a change is made to a vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, or vehicle license plates.

What Is an MA RMV1 Form PDF Used For?

The application can be used for a number of different purposes, including:

  • Applying for the motor vehicle title to be salvaged
  • Applying for a motor vehicle title without a registration application
  • Applying for a registration without a title application
  • Applying for both a registration and title
  • Applying for a transfer of registration
  • Applying for a transfer of registration for a surviving spouse
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The form contains information that the DMV uses to register a vehicle, or to re-register it. There’s also information about the vehicle’s current owner included.

Your total required paperwork will vary depending on your circumstances. You may be asked to provide additional registration or title applications on top of this form, if that suits your intended purpose. If you are registering your car for the first time or transferring your registration, you should become familiar with the Massachusetts guidelines for vehicle registration paperwork.

Who Would Use an MA RMV1 Form PDF?

The RMV-1 Form is designed for use by any motor vehicle owner who needs to make a change to their vehicle registration. You’ll also file this form if you need to update your insurance policy information or title information. If you are transferring the vehicle registration to a new owner, you’ll need to provide this form along with additional vehicle sale paperwork.

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the paperwork. If you own the vehicle, you need to make sure the form is filled out and filed accurately.

When Should an MA RMV1 Form Be Used?

The form should be used when any registration updates are required. You’ll fill it out if you intend to apply for a new title, registration, or both a title and registration. You’ll also fill it out if you need to make a change to your license plates.

The RMV-1 Form is fairly short and simple, and it should only take about fifteen minutes to fill out. There are two copies of the form. The DMV will keep the original, while you will keep the copy for your records. You’ll be required to provide this information:

  • The purpose of your application
  • Motor vehicle information including year, make, model, color, registration number, VIN number, plate type, and any other defining characteristics
  • Personal information and contact information for the owner
  • Information found on the vehicle title
  • Information about the lienholder, if applicable
  • Certification of car insurance
  • Tax schedule for sales or use

What Are the Consequences to Not Using an MA RMV1 Form?

This documentation is required if you intend to update your vehicle information at all. If you fail to file this form, your registration information won’t be updated when it should be. Not only will you be unable to transfer the vehicle to new ownership, but you’ll also be unable to update your insurance policy information, change your license plates, change the name or address on your registration, or basically file any vehicle-related paperwork with the DMV.

Even though it’s a simple form, it’s a vital one for a great number of vehicle-related transactions.

How to Fill Out an MA RMV1 Form

  • Fill out the required information about your registration effective date, your expiration date, the number of documents you’re requesting, and your vehicle information.
  • After your vehicle information is completed, provide your personal information in the relevant boxes under the “Owner” section.
  • Provide your vehicle’s title information in the appropriate boxes under “Title.” If you need to get a copy of your title to review the information, you should do so.
  • If the vehicle has a lienholder, provide information about them under the “Leinholder” section.
  • Certify that you have a current auto insurance policy.
  • If you’re selling your vehicle, fill out the information under the “Sales or Use Tax Schedule.” Underneath, write the associated fees for any documents you’re requesting, and check your preferred payment type.
  • Sign the appropriate line on the bottom. If the vehicle is being sold, have the buyer and dealer also sign their appropriate lines.

Quick Questions

The fee you pay will depend on the information you’re requesting. A title costs $75, while a duplicate registration costs $25.

You only need to fill out the portions that are relevant. If there’s no leinholder, don’t complete the leinholder portion. If you aren’t selling the vehicle, don’t complete the sale information portion.

In Massachusetts, each registration renewal is valid for 2 years.

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