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medical records storage PDFmedical records storage PDF

Facts about the medical records storage PDF template

All medical centers have a process of storing medical documents. Using the storage form is a way for them to comply with state and federal laws. The document is used to inform each patient on how his or her paperwork will be stored. It also covers who has access to their private information.

Why is the medical records storage PDF used?


The medical storage PDF is used to manage the securing and retention of personal data. The system that all medical facilities in the United States use must comply with government regulations. The medical offices must maintain the paperwork properly, and in addition, they must destroy the documents in a legal fashion. Medical files are commonly disposed of by industry standard shredding compliance companies.

Storage records advise the patients about the timeframe their files will be kept, and it must state the availability of the personal documents. The terms and conditions of the storage must meet government regulations, standard medical business practices, and any required legal elements.

The PDF states the form of the storage. The files can be stored as:

  • Hard copies
  • E-files
  • Combination
  • Other
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These documents might be stored in the clinic itself, in the cloud, or in an auxiliary building. The office is required to keep only medical files. Medical files are considered documents that possess medical, physical, and personal information. Other paperwork that does not fall under medical records can be destroyed or properly disposed of.

Who Would Use the medical records storage PDF?

Businesses that are required to use the medical storage PDF forms are all health care providers.

  • Medical doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Doctors of chiropractic medicine
  • Dentists
  • Nurse practitioners

Medical facilities, such as clinics, care homes, and hospitals must store records. Pharmacies, whether independent, chain store, or located in a hospital, must record and store the personal paperwork. Medical insurance providers are also responsible for protecting and securing medical files. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration
states that mental health consultation is considered medical. Because of this, all counseling records need to follow the same storage and preservation regulations.

Many medical offices employ outside contractors. If these outside employees are storing the files, they must use regulation storage also. Some types of outside associates are third-party billing companies. Billing companies have specialized staff that are trained in medical coding. They help doctor’s offices bill insurance companies. The United States Office of Inspector General reports that medical equipment suppliers must also adhere to the storage controls.

When Should You Use the medical records storage PDF?

The medical storage documentation should be used every time anything that is considered a personal medical condition is recorded. Medical conditions can be both physical and mental.

Mental health professionals are also required to maintain and store your personal documents. Psychologists are a common type of counselor, but other types of caregivers that must use the PDF storage form are social workers who diagnose and provide medical treatment. For example, a licensed counselor who has a diploma in psychology or medical counselors who specialize in drug and alcohol treatment must document and store medical paperwork. Some therapists fall under this category too.

  • Family therapists
  • Marital therapists
  • Clinical pastoral therapists
  • Medical peer therapists
  • Medical music therapists

Web MD breaks down the difference between therapist, psychologist, and counselors. It might be advisable to check with one’s insurance provider to see what form of counselor is a covered benefit. All forms of therapy that cover medical or mental health issues should have a storage procedure and use the required forms.

What are the Consequences for not Using a medical records storage PDF?

There are enormous financial implications for not using a medical storage PDF form, and the damages may also include shutting down the medical practice. The American Medical Association recommends all recorded confidential information be stored in standard industry formats, whether they be electronic or otherwise.

To help reduce liability, access to files must be limited, documented, and controlled. A routine audit to the storage system is recommended, and office policies should be recorded.

Accidentally or illegally releasing any patient’s medical profile will likely be grounds for legal action against the medical facility. Only the patient or the patient’s representative may gain access to medically stored files. There should be a protocol set in place for the staff to follow if the patient wants the files.
A personal representative can be a minor’s parent or guardian, or a deceased person’s executor may get legal access if it is court ordered.

Steps for Filling Out a medical records storage PDF Form

The process for completing the medical form begins with reading and understanding what the policy states. The program should cover:

  • What are considered medical and electronic records
  • Retention timelines
  • Record disposal and destruction
  • Storage and archiving

There should be an area to sign and date the document, and the clinics information should be printed on the paperwork.

Quick Question

How long is the medical storage PDF valid?

How long the storage is good for depends on which state the treatment was performed in. The common practice is the documents will be destroyed ten years after the patient is last seen by the office, passes away, or leaves the practice voluntarily.

What should be included on the storage form?

The form should cover all types of medical documents including blood tests, X-rays, any allergies to food or medication, immunizations, any details on your family’s medical history, and any diagnosis’s.

Is the cloud safe for medical storage?

When medical information is stored in the cloud, the US federal government requires the service to meet certain requirements. It must provide the highest level of security, and it must only allow access to entities with proper clearance.

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