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Facts about the Original Petition for Divorce PDF template

Filling Out an Free Original Petition for Divorce PDF Form

The original petition for divorce pdf form is a document that is used in the state of Texas to request a hearing before a Texas court judge to declare the intent to dissolve a marriage. Because this pdf form is exclusive to the state of Texas and is not necessary in other state’s divorce proceedings, it does not have many variations or document types. The ability to properly fill out a original petition form can be very helpful to Texas residents considering the divorce process as it is the first step towards this goal. By declaring an intent to divorce through the completion of this document, spouses can clarify terms of the divorce in an amicable way. If you are seeking to obtain a divorce in the state of Texas, here is some useful information about the process of completing this vital first step!

Why is the free original petition for divorce pdf form used?

Petition for divorce forms are generally used as a means of official communication with the other spouse and the state of Texas regarding intent to divorce. Without this form, the Texas government will absolutely not move forward with divorce proceedings and any proceedings entered into before submitting this form will be deemed irrelevant by the court. Thankfully, these forms are fairly easy to complete and straight forward in nature. The form only requires general information regarding the divorce and a signature by at least one of the parties requesting the divorce. There are very few difficulties that are associated with the completion and submission of the petition for divorce form because it is such a simple form that requires little consent.

Who would use the original petition for divorce pdf form?

Primarily, those parties who are considering a divorce are the primary benefits of the utilization of a petition for divorce form. Those considering divorce can benefit from this form because it allows them to specify official divorce terms. People considering divorce often enter a separated state during the marriage. During this separation, it can be difficult for spouses to make any concrete plans about the divorce and the state of limbo can last much longer than it should. By filling out and submitting a petition for divorce form, the couple can set clear boundaries and start to seriously develop their lives apart from one another.

When should you use the petition for divorce pdf form?

You should use the petition for divorce pdf form ONLY when you are certain that a divorce is something that you want to go through with. These forms are not used for the purpose of scaring a spouse into behavior changes or proving a point. Be sure to only complete and submit these forms to the court when your intention is to complete the divorce process. Following the submission of these forms, divorce proceedings begin in less that 10 days.

What are the consequences for not using an original petition for divorce form?

Consequences for not using a petition for divorce form can include the failure to have divorce proceedings recognized, abandonment of spouse, and even legal penalizations. If divorce proceedings are completed without first filing a petition for divorce form the judge can ultimately dismiss any work completed on the divorce case until this document is submitted. This could cause an individual thousands of dollars in lost legal fees. The undue abandonment of a spouse can also occur because of a failure to utilize a petition for divorce. If you are seeking divorce from a spouse without filing this form, the spouse can legally declare themselves abandoned and penalize you in the divorce process.

Steps for Filling Out an Free Original Petition for Divorce PDF Form

Here are a few useful steps for filling out a petition for divorce in the state of Texas!

Step 1
Complete the beginning of the petition by submitting your name and the spouse’s name, the district court and county court identification number, and a list of any children that benefit from this union (those living in the household).

Step 2
Mark yourself as the petitioner on the pdf form and mark your spouse as the respondent. Continue to submit information such as driver’s license numbers and social security numbers for each spouse. During this portion of the application you will receive a legal notice asking if you believe your spouse will sign a waiver of service. Choose this option if you can deliver the petition to you spouse without needing a sheriff or constable to serve the papers.

Step 3.
Complete the jurisdiction portion of the pdf form by verifying that your spouse and you have lived in the Texas county for at least 90 days before the date of submission of the petition. You must also verify that you have lived in the state of Texas for at least 6 months.

Step 4.
Submit dates for beginning of marriage and separation. You will be asked about your legal grounds for a divorce and must give an appropriate reason.

Step 5.
Make a complete list of all the children you and your spouse share who are under the legal adulthood age of 18 years old. You will be asked to establish jurisdiction over children by stating that the children have lived in the State of Texas for the last 6 months.

Step 6.
Complete values for conservatorship of the children, property and debt, and public benefits. You will sign the end of the document at the point where it says request for judgement.

Quick Questions

This depends on the state you live in. In the state of Texas, a petition for divorce is a required first step in divorce proceedings. You can not obtain a divorce without one.

After completing the petition for divorce in the state of Texas, divorce proceedings could be completed in as little as 12 weeks.

The divorce process begins with the petition for divorce being submitted to the county court. After the receiving spouse receives the divorce petition and responds and assets are divided the judge can officially declare a divorce.

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