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printable food stamp application PDFprintable food stamp application PDF

Facts about the printable food stamp application PDF template

Individuals in need of food assistance are required to complete a printable food stamp application. Even working people may sometimes need assistance making ends meet. One of the most sustainable forms of public assistance offered is supplemental food. Eligibility for food assistance, regardless of whether or not a household is receiving income, is determine by completing a printable food stamp application.


A printable food stamp application is used to determine eligibility for food assistance by evaluating several factors, including but no limited to income, expenses, and household size. The application may require supporting documentation for statements made on the form. This form is used for determining not only whether or not a household or individual is eligible for food assistance, but also the amount they are eligible to receive based on the information requested. The documentation is filed at the individual’s or household’s local government office and redetermination is required periodically. This information is also factored into the local government’s budget for food assistance and used to determine the parameters for eligibility and amounts given. This data helps the local government to understand the demographics of need in their area for future budgeting.

Again, whether or not an individual is working or a household is receiving income does not directly determine whether or not they are eligible to receive food stamps. If individuals are working but their income is too low and, or expenses are too high for the household, they may be eligible for a modicum amount of food assistance or more – depending on the circumstances. People fall on hard times everyday, from layoffs to unforeseen accidents preventing them from working. Others go through change of life situations, from marriage or divorce, to having children, or taking on the responsibilities of caring for someone disabled or elderly. The only way to determine whether a household may be able to receive public food assistance is to complete and submit a printable food stamp application to their local or county government office.

Individuals who meet the following criteria may be eligible for food stamps:

  • households whose income is at or below the poverty level as indicated by the IRS
  • individuals or families who are homeless
  • elderly individuals
  • disabled individuals
  • individuals otherwise unable to work
  • anyone caring for those listed above
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The application is used to verify any of the conditions listed above, as well as any other circumstances which may be deemed eligible. If the form is not completed, the office of public services will have no way of verifying the individual’s, or household’s identity, or circumstances. The office will also have no way of determining eligibility for the household to receive food assistance. Furthermore, without this form, the government will not have the proper documentation required to track or receive funding for those in need.

According to the USDA website, the government organization overseeing supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP), €œin Fiscal Year 2015, SNAP provided about $7.53 billion dollars in food benefits to a monthly average of 4,417,772 people in California€. This data is just for the state of California alone. The SNAP program is a nationwide public service, and the USDA maps data for all states. While these numbers can be daunting in terms of taxpayer dollars, the SNAP website also states that for every dollar in SNAP benefits, 1.8 dollars exist in total economic activity. This evidence shows that SNAP aids in the economy as well as those in need of assistance.

Studies have shown a decline in those receiving SNAP benefits in recent years. A Newsweek article from July, 2017 states that, according to the data provided by the USDA, Americans receiving SNAP benefits had decreased by nearly 2 million the fiscal year from 2016 to 2017. This article also provides a graph showing a nationwide decline of over 6 million since 2012. Some might assume the downtrend is due to a diminished need for assistance which allows for more availability of funds. However, Newsweek speculates that government budget cuts have resulted in an adjustment to the rules of determining eligibility and thus a decrease in spending.

Individuals can fill out and submit the form in the following steps:

  1. Download and print the form from the website of the local office for food assistance. This can be done at the local library – usually for free – or at a local office supply store for a small fee.
  2. Complete the form filling in all required fields with the most recent and accurate information, following the instructions listed on the form.
  3. Provide any requested documentation stated in the instructions listed on the form.
  4. Follow the instructions on the form on where and how to submit the form. The form will list an address where the form can be mailed for processing. Typically, for the swiftest processing, individuals can go to the office location listed on the form and possibly be called in for an evaluation interview the same day. The most important part of filling out this application form is to ensure that all information is accurate and legible. Assistance in filling out the form is permissible for those who need it, and must be indicated as such on the document. In most cases, the person filing the form on behalf of the party requesting assistance will need to sign their name as well. The form is not considered complete unless signed by all parties involved.

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