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Facts about the sample employee evaluation template

Filling Out a Sample Employee Evaluation Form

A sample employee evaluation form is used for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of employees. It plays a key role in helping to improve worker productivity while keeping employees focused on the organization’s goals. To get you started on the right track, we have a few pointers to help you fill out this document.

What Is the Sample Employee Evaluation Form Used for?

The sample employee evaluation form is a document used for assessing an employee’s work performance. The criteria used for these reviews are based on what the employer views as the most important job-related areas. This results in a rating system that gauges how well a worker performs in those key areas. Examples of the key performance indicators that are taken into account may include: — Jobs skills — Leadership — Growth — Job understanding — Dependability — Attitude — Cooperation As a human resource tool, employee evaluation forms help employers gather relevant data for making employment decisions, such as determining who receives promotions and pay raises. The evaluation is not a one-sided activity because it allows the reviewers to obtain feedback from the workers on ways they think the workplace can improve. In other words, questioning and listening to workers is an integral part of the process. A job appraisal document shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even though assessments leave lots of wiggle room for subjective responses from a reviewer, it must be a top priority to provide responses that paint an accurate picture of the employee’s job performance. Additionally, it provides an ample opportunity to restate management’s workplace expectations as a way of keeping the employee moving in the right direction.

Who Would Use the Sample Employee Evaluation Form?

A sample employee evaluation form is widely used in both the public and private sector. It’s utilized by corporations, government agencies, nonprofits and startups. Basically, an organization that has a staff uses this document at some point. These appraisal forms can help optimize employee performance, improve workplace culture, keep workers on course with the employer’s goals and boost company productivity. The individuals charged with the responsibility of using these forms to conduct assessments are: 1. Supervisors 2. Managers 3. Directors 4. Executives 5. Superintendents 6. Administrators It makes sense that these company staffers take on the task of evaluating employees, considering they oversee specific departments. In their roles, they have daily interactions with workers, which gives them a unique perspective on what’s needed to improve day-to-day operations. When issues arise, supervisors and the like are the main points of contact for workers who need instruction, guidance and support. When there’s an issue that arises, these are the individuals who employees turn to when these matters must be addressed and resolved. This gives them firsthand knowledge of how employees are fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. Because of this “ground zero” perspective, supervisory staff can give more accurate evaluations than a CEO who may have little or no contact with employees.

When Should You Use the Sample Employee Evaluation Form?

Frequent monitoring of an employee’s work performance is crucial to a company’s success. The number of performance reviews that take place may vary among organizations. Nevertheless, there are a few standard timelines that many employers follow. Having a system that allows for periodic evaluations helps ensure that employers and their employees remain focused on achieving the same objectives. It’s common for a sample employee evaluation form to be filled out on a yearly basis. Often, an assessment takes place at the end of the year. In many cases, however, reviews take place every 12 months based on the timeframe the employee was hired. For instance, if John Doe was hired in May 2017, then his performance review would take place in May 2018. Newly-hired employees normally receive their performance assessment after completing their 90-day probationary period. Some employers prefer frequent appraisals throughout the year. For some companies, bi-annual reviews work well for their business needs. On the other hands, some organizations opt for quarterly appraisals because it’s an effective way of keeping workers focused on goals and helping supervisory personnel make better employment decisions regarding salary increases and promotions. Additionally, conducting several assessments a year keeps the lines of communication open between management and employees.

What Are the Consequences for Not Using a Sample Employee Evaluation Form?

Some organizations don’t place much emphasis on completing a sample employee evaluation form, and there are even employers who opt for alternatives methods of assessing work performance. Despite that, evaluations still serve a purpose in the workplace, and it’s better to use this document than to not use it. If you think it’s just more unnecessary paperwork, think again. There are few risks involved when you ditch the evaluations form. One, employee productivity may suffer because your team won’t know what areas need improvement. Two, it makes justifying firings, demotions, promotions and pay raises more difficult when you don’t have documentation that supports those decisions. Third, it can expose an employer to possible lawsuits. A former employee fired from his job may challenge his termination in a court of law on the basis that the termination was unwarranted. He stands a better chance of winning his case if there isn’t a performance evaluation on file indicating he had a lackluster work performance.

Steps for Filling Out a Sample Employee Evaluation Form

Although this document is easy to complete, what you include can impact employee morale. When filling out a sample employee evaluation form, focus on making a fair and honest assessment. If you’re ready, follow these steps:

  1. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you understand the rating system.
  2. Add basic information, such as the employee’s name, job title, department as well as the review period.
  3. Rate the employer’s performance in each key area. Leave comments to expound or explain your rating.
  4. Finish the review by adding the review date and your name.
  5. Make sure both you and the employee sign the document

. sample-employee-evaluation

Quick Questions

It’s best that you conduct a face-to-face assessment. Even when you’re handling a job appraisal with a remote worker, use live video chat during the session.

Giving an employee a low-rated performance review isn’t easy, so offer encouragement, positive feedback, and specific instructions on how she can do better next time.


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