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Facts about the SF85P PDF template

When a person applies for a contract with the United States government, or for a government position, they will be subject to a rigorous background investigation. The main form used for this investigation is the Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions. This form should only be completed after a person has received a conditional offer of employment.

What Is a SF85P PDF Form Used For?

This is the form that the United States government uses to do background investigations regarding its workers. This includes people who work for the government in paid positions, people who do contract work for the government, people eligible for public trusts, and people who are being considered for sensitive positions.

All of the information disclosed on the form is completely voluntary. However, if you choose not to disclose certain information, the government might not be able to complete their background check in a timely manner. This has the potential to affect your employment process in a negative way.

The information that an individual gives on this form will be verified for accuracy as the investigation progresses. They must prove that they are loyal to the United States, of good character and conduct, trustworthy, and reliable. As part of the investigation, your current employer will be contacted, whether or not you’ve indicated that you do not wish for your employer to be contacted.

Sometimes, an investigation will include a face-to-face interview with the applicant. This is a normal part of investigative processing. During the interview, they will discuss the information you provided on your form. You can update your information, make any requested clarifications, and provide comprehensive explanations of your answers. Oftentimes, a face-to-face interview speeds up the investigation significantly.

If you are selected to interview, you must bring a valid photo identification. You might be asked for additional supporting documentation, but this will vary from case to case.

Who Would Use a SF85P PDF Form?

Anybody who is going to be working within, for, or around the federal government will be subject to an investigative process. In most cases, a person will be offered employment with the condition that they can only start work after their background investigation has concluded. People who will be working in public trust positions will also be subject to this process.

Depending on the answers you give in this form, you might be required to bring any of the following documents to your face-to-face interview:

  • Documentation regarding legal name changes
  • Your Social Security card
  • Your birth certificate
  • Alien registration documents
  • Information about delinquent taxes or loans
  • Bankruptcy filing papers
  • Any judgments passed in civil court
  • Current liens on any assets
  • Other financial obligations
  • Child custody agreements and child support agreements
  • Alimony and property settlements
  • Arrests and criminal convictions
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When Should a SF85P PDF Form Be Used?

The form should only be completed when it is requested by a relevant government agency or employer. You shouldn’t complete or file the form until after you have received your conditional employment offer. However, after you receive this offer, you should try to fill out and file this form as soon as possible. The faster you provide the information, the faster your investigation can conclude.

What Are the Consequences for Not Using a SF85P PDF Form?

You have the right to disclose all information voluntarily. This means that you can opt out of providing any and all information on the form. However, if you do, the government might not be able to complete its background investigation. This will most likely result in your offer of employment being rescinded, as preference will be shown to applicants who have provided a completed form.

How to Fill Out a SF85P PDF Form

You should comply with any instructions that are given to you by the person who requested that you complete the form. This includes clarifying instructions that they gave you to help you complete the form. You should find out the number of copies that you should make of the form, and the places that these copies should be turned in. Make sure that the original and all copies have valid signatures and dates.

Make sure that all of your answers are typed in the appropriate boxes. If you’re asked to do so, you should submit the document through an electronic filing process.

Answer every question on the form. If there is no applicable or necessary response, you should simply write “N/A” or “None” rather than skipping the question. If you don’t have exact dates regarding certain things, you can give approximate dates and indicate that they are an estimation.

If you make any changes or updates to the form after you give your initial signature, you must write your initials and the date by the changes. In certain types of limited circumstances, an agency might be able to modify your form to reflect your intention.

You need to use the State codes and abbreviations that are listed with the instructions. You shouldn’t use any abbreviations for foreign countries or cities. You must give the correct ZIP codes to help speed the investigation. Every telephone number you provide must also include an area code.

When you provide dates on the form, you must give them in Month/Day/Year format or Month/Year format. Numbers should be used to indicate months.

If you require additional space for listing your employments, education, or residences, you should attach a continuation sheet. The continuation sheet is called SF 86A. When you need additional space for any other items, you should use a blank sheet of paper rather than a continuation sheet. Every blank sheet of paper included in your application must have your full name and Social Security number written at the top.sf85p

Quick Questions

The length of investigations vary widely. It could take as long as six months, or it could be as few as six weeks.

A new investigation will need to be conducted at least once during each five year period following the initial clearance.

This depends largely on the circumstances. Bad credit doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be denied your application. However, debts that were accrued due to recklessness will likely result in a denial.

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