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Facts about the SR 13 PDF template

Some states, including Alabama and Georgia, require the SR 13 form when a vehicular accident occurs. The requirements under which this document requires filing vary by state. Check with the police in the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred to learn if it requires this form.

Why is the SR 13 PDF used?

Thiw form, also known as the Safety Responsibility Accident Report, documents an accident, property damaged it caused and the insurance coverage of the filer. Some states require it when the accident results in a death.

Who Would Use the SR 13 PDF?

Any driver involved in an accident would complete this form. This refers to more than multiple vehicular accidents. For example, if the driver hit a cow or horse, both considered a domestic animal, they should still file the form since that would cause significant property damage.

When Should You Use the SR 13 PDF?

This varies by state. In Alabama, for example, the law requires a driver involved in an accident to file the report with the Alabama Department of Public Safety within 30 days of the accident. It does not matter which driver is found at fault. Every driver involved in the accident must file this form. It also does not matter whether the automobile was covered by liability insurance at the time.

If the driver was involved in a single car accident, they only need to file the form if the accident resulted in more than $250 property damage. Property refers to more than another vehicle. It includes things like fences, garage doors, mail boxes, telephone poles and the like.

What are the Consequences for not Using an SR 13 PDF?

Again, the penalties vary by state, but in the case of Alabama, the driver failing to file the form will have their driver’s license suspended if their insurance information was required. The state provides a 30-day grace period in which it mails a request for the form. The license gets revoked if the driver does not return the form in that time period.

Steps for Filling Out a SR 13 PDF Form

The form contains three parts. The top section contains information regarding the location of the accident. The second part refers to the vehicle the filer owns. The third part refers to the other drivers’ vehicles.

  • In the Location section, complete the first two lines with the county and city in which the accident occurred.
  • In the following lines, choose proper lines depending on whether the accident occurred on a highway or interstate or at/near an intersection in town.
  • In the Vehicle section, complete the first line with the vehicle number, the vehicle’s make and model and its license plate number.
  • Enter the driver’s name and city and state of residence.
  • Enter the driver’s occupation and driver’s license number.
  • Enter the owner’s name, address and email.
  • Describe the vehicle damage and any injuries or deaths.
  • In the third section, describe the other vehicles involved. It requests the same information for section two but for the other vehicles.
  • Enter the vehicle number, the vehicle’s make and model and its license plate number.
  • Enter the driver’s name and city and state of residence.
  • Enter the driver’s occupation and driver’s license number.
  • Describe the vehicle damage and any injuries or deaths.
  • Answer the yes or no questions about insurance coverage.
  • Sign and date the form.
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Quick Questions

State law does not require it in some states, but if the driver has no insurance, they should file it. Include it with a copy of the Private Property Incident Report. The Department of Public Safety will determine the at-fault party.

Look up the information on the Alabama Uniform Traffic Accident Report filed on the accident. The public safety system also commonly refers to this as the Crash Report.

Yes, it helps to document the accident in case it requires a court appearance. It provides a fresh recollection of the accident and details that the participants may forget over time.

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