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Facts about the SSI Application Online PDF template

This form provides a convenient way for people to apply for Social Security Income (SSI) benefits. All applicants for SSI use this form to start their application process. The form asks for basic information regarding the claimant’s disability, employment history, and current employment situation. It also asks for the claimant to provide an address, telephone number, and residential history. These questions are part of the process of determining SSI qualification and benefit amounts. ssi-application-online

Why is the SSI application online form used?

SSI is a disability income program that provides a small monthly stipend to people with qualifying disabilities. Qualifying disabilities can be physical, mental, or emotional in nature. The administration considers a disability qualifying when it precludes a person from working or reduces his or her ability to make enough money for basic necessities. For example, a person with an illness that has no effect on his or her ability to hold a job would not qualify. A person who is unable to work because an illness makes it impossible to maintain a regular work routine would qualify. Making an SSI application determination is a complex process involving several steps. The form gathers the pertinent information that the Social Security Administration (SSA) needs to start the claims process. Once the form is completed, a Social Security representative contacts the claimant. The representative reviews the information on the form and asks any needed clarifying questions. The form includes a work history section. This section requires the claimant to explain the work he or she has done over the past 15 years and what the physical and mental requirements of the jobs were. The claimant them has a chance to explain, if applicable, how the disability has caused him or her to become unable to perform these requirements. Who would use the SSI application online form? The SSI program provides benefits to people with a disability who have not worked enough to qualify for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). Generally, SSDI requires a person to have earned qualifying wages for at least 40 quarters. Many disabled people have never had the opportunity to work that many quarters. Their disability may have started when they were younger or the disability may have prevented them from ever having worked. SSI was devised to help people who can’t qualify for SSDI. As a needs-based program, only low-income individuals can receive SSI benefits. For example, a person with a disability who has few resources and is only able to work a few hours a week at minimum wage would probably qualify based on income. A disabled person who could not work but who had significant assets and investment income would not qualify. People who are blind and disabled children can also qualify for SSI. Those over the age of 65 who do not receive Social Security retirement benefits may also qualify. When should you use the SSI application form? If you think you may qualify for SSI, you should use the form to start the process. The form details all of the information that the SSA needs to start the claims process. Since the information required is extensive, including work history, medical information, and a representative form for those with legal counsel, it is efficient to start the process by using the form to organize the required information. Those who have worked for 40 quarters or more should complete the form for SSDI. The SSDI form requires similar information. Because people applying for SSDI have usually worked longer than people applying for SSI, the SSDI application requires more work history. SSDI benefits are generally much higher than SSI benefits. SSI benefits are meant as supplementary income and are based on the assumption that the recipient receives some other form of support. For example, many people on SSI have jobs that provide a low income. Other SSI beneficiaries receive additional forms of government support, such as food stamps, rent assistance, public housing, nursing home care, and residential medical treatment. SSDI has higher benefits. People on SSDI usually do not receive additional government support and are able to subsist on their SSDI income alone. SSDI benefit amounts are based on prior working credit, whereas SSI benefits are partly based on the cost of living in the area where the beneficiary resides.

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What are the consequences of not using the SSI application online? Many people make the mistake of assuming they do not qualify for SSI. As a result, they struggle under financial hardship unnecessarily, which may harm their health. People who have disabilities and few resources have a strong chance of qualifying for this program. For some individuals, a disability may make completing the form difficult or impossible. In that case, a claimant should contact his or her local SSA office and schedule an appointment to meet with a representative. The representative can then assist in completing the application.

Steps for Filling Out the SSI application online

  1. Gather your pertinent information. You will need your home and previous addresses. It’s important to gather as much work history information as possible, including current and former employers. Make sure to have your medical information regarding your disability.
  2. Navigate to the Social Security Administration website. From there, go to the SSI section, where you will find instructions and a link to the form.
  3. Fill out as much information as possible. The more complete your answers, the easier for the Social Security office to process your claim. This speeds the approval of your benefits.
  4. Prepare for an interview. After you submit the form, you will be contacted by the SSA for an interview. You can have a representative assist you with the process.
  5. Quick Questions

    It generally takes several months or longer. Beneficiaries receive the benefits accrued during the approval process in back-benefit payments. If the claim is denied, claimants can appeal. If an appeal is required, the process can take more than a year.

    In some cases, a spouse’s income will affect SSI benefits; however, it never affects SSDI benefits.

    Most states pay an additional allowance to SSI recipients. These benefits are much higher in states with high costs of living.

    For more information on the difference between SSI and SSDI, watch this Informative Video. For more SSI details, view SSI overview.

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