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Statutory Declarations PDFStatutory Declarations PDF

Facts about the Statutory Declarations PDF template

Stautory declarations
Stautory declarations
Stautory declarations
Stautory declarations

If you write a statement and sign it in the presence of an authorized witness, declaring that the statement is true, this document is referred to as a statutory declaration. There is a difference between territory and state statutory declarations versus commonwealth statutory declarations.

What Are Statutory Declarations PDF Forms Used For?

Commonly, these declarations are used for the legal verification of a number of different things. These are the ones that come up most often:

  • Legal names
  • Insurance claims
  • Legal addresses
  • Lost passports
  • Superannuation matters
  • Evidence supporting sick leave
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Even though a statutory declaration has some things in common with an affidavit, the two forms are not interchangeable. To be an affidavit, a form must be a written statement of facts that has been confirmed through an oath. Alternatively, it must have been affirmed as viable to use as evidence during a court proceeding. Statutory declarations, while also being written statements of fact, do not receive an affirmation or confirmation through an oath.

A commonwealth statutory declaration is made regarding matters that relate to the Australian Capital Territory, Commonwealth, or some small territories. It will not be used if the matter is related to an Australian territory or state. By law, anyone is eligible to make statutory declarations regardless of age. That said, some organizations might not accept statutory declarations that come from people under the age of 18.

Companies and organizations are not eligible to make statutory declarations themselves. However, individuals who work for those companies can take responsibility for a statutory declaration.

Territory and state statutory declarations have specific requirements they must meet. These vary depending on the particular area you currently reside in.

Who Would Use a Statutory Declaration PDF Form?

There are no limits to the people who can use statutory declarations. Minors and retirees are just as free to make these declarations as other parties. A person might need to make a statutory declaration if an organization requests it from them. The statement may be used to help with the verification of an individual’s personal information or any legal proceedings that will occur.

Besides the person who writes the statutory declaration, the other most important party is the authorized witness. The following individuals count as an authorized witness:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • A Justice of the Peace

There are many police stations that will give people access to a Justice of the Peace during certain times of the day. This is the first place you should look for an authorized witness if you aren’t sure who should sign off on your form.

When Should a Statutory Declaration Be Used?

This type of declaration should be used whenever an organization, individual, or other entity needs to verify information about a person. A statutory declaration is the fastest legal way to verify factual documents.

What Are the Consequences for Not Using a Statutory Declaration?

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If you choose not to make a statutory declaration when you’ve been asked to by an organization, they may disregard whatever proceedings you’re involved in. This might include the revocation of benefits you’re claiming from them.

Another potential consequence is regarding false information. If a person intentionally gives false information in their statutory declaration, they might be brought up on criminal charges. These charges have the possibility of up to four years spent in prison.

How to Fill Out a Statutory Declaration PDF Form

The person who is filling out the statutory declaration will be referred to as the “declarant.” When acting as the declarant, you should make sure the following information is accurately reflected in your document:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your current place of residence
  • Your job title and current occupation
  • A statement verifying that you sincerely and solemnly declare that the information provided in the declaration is true

You should only provide information that you know to be fact. If you need to write a conversation that you had with another person, this should be written in the first person from your perspective. It’s important that you only include the information that is relevant to the request being made. Every paragraph of the declaration should be numbered. If you use multiple pages, you should make sure that every page is numbered.

You should not sign the form until you are in the presence of an authorized witness. The witness will be required to ask you questions regarding the means by which they confirmed your identity. It’s important that the witness gather information from you so that all parties can be satisfied that the information provided is accurate.stautory-declarations

Quick Questions

The witness must verify that the information on the document is accurate. They’ll generally do this by asking you confirmation questions.

For the most part, you’ll need to make this type of declaration if an organization asks you for it. These forms aren’t often part of official court proceedings, as an affidavit can be used for official court procedure instead. However, they are legally binding, and there are serious consequences for providing false information. You should give the form to whatever organization requested the information.

You should make a copy of the form for your own records. The witness might request one as well.

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