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Subcontracts PDFSubcontracts PDF

Facts about the Subcontracts PDF template

While a client has its independent contractor sign a contractor agreement, that contractor has individuals or firms it hires to conduct part of the client’s work complete a subcontractor agreement. The best solution to obtain a legally enforceable subcontract form is to have a lawyer draw on up, but you can download professional digital forms. Choose a form produced by an organization like Nolo, written and regularly updated by attorneys.

Why is the Subcontract Form PDF Used?

The subcontractor agreement provides legal documentation of work responsibilities of a person or entity hired by a primary contractor. These most commonly occur in the construction industry. For example, a couple hires a general contractor (GC) to build their new home. The GC signs a contract with the couple, then subcontracts part of the work, the plumbing and the electrical, to subcontractors who complete a subcontractor form. It can apply to situations in any industry from automotive repair to public relations.

Why Use a Subcontractor Agreement?

The subcontractor agreement provides legal protection for all parties in a work project. The subcontract form formalizes the exact expectations of the assigned portion of the project. It covers:

  • compensation,
  • deadlines,
  • insurance coverage, if applicable,
  • milestones,
  • responsibilities.
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The subcontractor agreement provides a method of liability reduction. It helps manage and transfer risk on a project. Using it lowers employment and insurance costs.

Who Would Use the Subcontract Forms PDF?

The contractor and any subcontractors hired on a project would use the subcontractor agreement. For example, a public relations firm might land a client and sign a contract with them, then subcontract work to independent editors, graphic designers and writers. Subcontractors function as independent contractors who pay their own employment taxes, keep their own financial records and decide how and when to perform work to meet deadlines.

When Should You Use the Subcontract Forms PDF?

Use a subcontract form any time you hire a subcontractor. Your Master Agreement, the contract signed between the contractor and client, denotes whether the contractor can legally hire subcontractors. It also notes any restriction placed on their use, describes liability relating to their work and if the contractor must inform the client of their use.

What are the Consequences for not Using a Subcontract Forms PDF?

Without a subcontract form, you can’t legally protect yourself when you share the work the client contracted to you. You have no legally enforceable document that stipulates deadlines or deliverables. If the subcontractor neglects to turn the work over to you or delivers late, you have no legal protection if the client sues you.

Steps for Filling Out a Subcontract Forms PDF Form

  • Write the day, month and year of completion of the form.
  • Print the subcontractor’s name following the word €œsubcontractor.€
  • Print the name and address of the business hiring the subcontractor in the €œOwner€ fields.
  • Print the lender name and address, if applicable in the €œLender€ fields.
  • Print the name of the contractor in the €œPrime Contractor€ blank.
  • Complete the €œsum of€ blank with the monetary amount the contractor will pay the subcontractor for successful completion.
  • Under €œDescription of Work€ write a description of the labor or work to be completed. Also describe the materials and equipment furnished.
  • Under €œOther Special Provisions€ write any stipulations or caveats.
  • Under €œSchedule of Payments€ write when payments will be made and the amounts.
  • Under €œTime and Scheduling Work€ write the date work commences and the date work ends. Also, complete the interest rate used for any unpaid or late payments.
  • In the €œIn Witness Hereof€ section, print the subcontractor in the €œSubcontractor Name€ blank.
  • Print the subcontractor’s license number in the €œLicense No.€ blank.
  • Print the name and address of the subcontractor in the €œSubcontractor€ fields.
  • Print the name and address of the contractor in the €œContractor€ fields.
  • Print the contractor’s license number in the €œLicense No.€ blank.
  • The subcontractor and contractor sign and date the document.

Quick Questions

Yes, the document stipulates situations in which either party can end the contract early. This will differ by contract.

This clause summarizes the provisions of a contractor’s full non-disclosure agreement. The contractor should have the subcontractor sign the full non-disclosure agreement.

This clause outlines the provisions under which the contractor and subcontractor will settle disagreements or work issues.

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