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sweet frog job application PDFsweet frog job application PDF

Facts about the sweet frog job application PDF template

Individuals interested in working for the quick-service restaurant chain, Sweet Frog, must complete its custom job application form. The easiest way to obtain the form is to download it online.

What is the sweet frog job application PDF used for?

The yogurt eatery Sweet Frog uses a proprietary job application for all of its positions: team members, managers and operations managers.

Who Would Use the sweet frog job application PDF?

Any applicant for a position at Sweet Frog Yogurt Eatery would fill out this application. Individuals wishing to obtain a team member or managerial position use this form. Applicants for executive positions submit a resume and cover letter to the corporate office.

When Should You Use the sweet frog job application PDF?

While there’s no deadline for its submission, you can better your chances of obtaining a position at Sweet Frog or any establishment by submitting your application as quickly as possible after seeing a wanted ad or sign. You can also submit an application during a non-active hiring period.

What are the Consequences for not using a sweet frog job application PDF?

You will not get a job at the eatery without filling out this job application. The local franchises use the official form to vet candidates.

Steps for Filling Out a sweet frog job application PDF Form

The Sweet Frog application bears close resemblance to most standard job applications. The company does add a skills section though that most hourly job applications do not carry.

  • Complete each top line blank in the following order: last name, first name, middle initial and the date of application.
  • Line two: Enter the applicant’s street address and apartment number.
  • Line three: Enter the applicant’s city, state and zip code.
  • Line four: Enter the applicant’s phone number and e-mail address.
  • Line five: Write the applicant’s availability date, also known as the potential start date, Social Security Number and desired hourly wage or salary. In the salary blank, it’s a good idea to research at what amount the company normally starts the position pay and enter that.
  • Line six: Enter the position for which the applicant applies.
  • Line seven: Check €œyes€ or €œno€ to indicate US citizenship status. If the response is €œno,€ check €œyes€ or €œno€ to indicate whether the applicant has legal permission to work in the US. If hired, the applicant must provide documentation of work eligibility.
  • Line eight: Check €œyes€ or €œno€ whether the applicant previously work for Sweet Frog and if so, enter the dates of employment.
  • Line nine: Check €œyes€ or €œno€ to indicate whether the applicant has been convicted of a felony in the past and, if so, enter the date(s) when.
  • Line ten: Check €œyes€ or €œno€ to indicate if the applicant can perform the position’s essential job functions without reasonable accommodation. If no, enter in the blank following the binary response query the accommodation that the applicant would require. Find the information regarding position duties in the advertisement or job description listed on the company website or in the newspaper.
  • Line eleven: Complete this section called €œavailability€ by entering the hours of the day the applicant can work in each day’s blank. For example, if the applicant can work from 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays, enter €œ11 am-5pm€ in the €œSunday€ blank.
  • Line twelve: Complete this section called €œeducation€ by entering the name and address of the high school attended by the applicant.
  • Line thirteen: Enter the attendance dates of the high school and check €œyes€ or €œno€ to indicate if the applicant graduated. The blank for €œdegree€ refers to a college degree and should only be completed if the applicant attends or attended college.
  • Line fourteen: Enter the name and address of the college attended by the applicant, if any.
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Quick Questions

The firm creates a family-friendly restaurant atmosphere. Its local franchises and corporate office favor community involvement through local partnerships and volunteerism. According to its website, the €œFrog€ in its name stands for €œFully Rely On God.€

In store, Sweet Frog sells frozen yogurt. The customer creates custom combination of soft-serve frozen yogurt flavors and chooses toppings for the snack. Its website offers branded apparel and toys.

The firm sites its headquarters, Sweet Frog Enterprises, in Richmond, VA. It also has quick-service restaurants in this city.

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