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Facts about the usps 3575 PDF template

Relocation comes with more than a moving company or U-Haul. Those with whom you deal need to know where to send you mail. For this reason, the U.S. Postal Service has created a PS Form 3575. We present to you this form and an explanation for why you need it and how you fill one out.

Why is the usps form 3575 Used For?

With this form, you ask the Postal Service to have your mail forwarded to your new place. It usually takes up to ten to 12 business days (that translates to two weeks) for the Postal Service to complete your request and start forwarding your mail.

In addition, Postal Service puts your new address on its database of address changes in the last four years. Anyone who has your old address can go to this database and get your new one. This usually includes your credit card companies and others who have build you.

Don’t rely solely on PS Form 3575 to tell everyone were you’ve moved. Be sure you separately inform:

*Your driver’s license or motor vehicles office

*Credit card or loan companies. Your monthly statement will include places to write your new address.

*The Internal Revenue Service and your state and local tax offices

*Your lawyer, accountant, business colleagues and family

Who Would Use the usps form 3575?

Anyone who relocates himself or herself or a business or other organization would use the PS Form 3575. If you plan to be away from your home for no more than a year, such as for college, a temporary job or to care for someone, the Post Office will temporarily forward mail to the new place for up to six months. You can extend to time to have mail forwarded temporarily for up to one year.

Generally, only you are permitted to submit a change of address form for you or your family, although someone such as an agent for a person to whom you have given a power of attorney can change the address for you. This restriction aims to thwart the efforts of identity thieves to get a hold of your credit cards or get credit in your name.

When Should You Use the usps form 3575?

Complete and send in the form when you find out that you’re moving — and when. On the form, you can put your €œStart Date€ to have mail forwarded to you. Remember, it generally takes the Postal Service two weeks to start forwarding your mail. By anticipating the date, you can avoid delays and missing important deadlines.

If you’re in a time pinch, you can go online to notify the Postal Service of your new home or business and have your mail forwarded there. You’ll pay a small fee of $1.00, which the USPS charges so that it can verify your identity and prevent a thief from snatching it.

What Are the Consequences for Not Using the usps form 3575?

The Postal Service doesn’t have a deadline for you to turn in a PS Form 3575, and, if you don’t want your mail forwarded, you don’t even have to turn one in.

However, you might have some problems if you don’t notify USPS or others that you have moved — especially if you’re dealing with creditors or a lawyer in a lawsuit. When these persons use your last known address, they have the right to assume, and a court will presume, that you received the bill or legal documents. (Note that a civil summons normally must come from a sheriff, by certified mail, or an authorized process server). When you fill out a PS Form 3575, the credit card company, utility provider or an opposing party is put on notice that your old address is no longer any good.

If you’re disputing your credit report because the credit card company sent your bill to the wrong place, you must have told the credit card company at least 20 days before the billing period ended.

Steps for Using the usps form 3575

*Check €œIndividual,€ €œFamily€ or €œBusiness€ in €œChange of Address for.€

*Write the €œStart Date€ for when you want to have mail forwarded.

*If you plan to be away for a year or less, check €œYes€ for temporary in item 2 and write the date you’re planning to return to your old address in €œ4. If TEMPORARY move, print date to discontinue forwarding (ex 03/27/08).€

*Fill in your name or business name (if applicable), your current or old address and the new one. Use one block per letter or number.

*Sign and date the form.

*Take the form to your local Post Office. Keep a copy for your records.


Quick Questions

Yes, but save your money and do it at the post office for free or online through the USPS for $1.00. Many online services may charge you up to $40 for these services.

Go online to the Postal Service to request cancellation or a change. Have your confirmation number the Postal Service gave you when you first completed the USPS Form 3575.

The former delivers mail piece-by-piece. The Premium package forwards a bundle, or collection, of your mail by the Priority Mail Service. It comes with an enrollment fee of $20.10 and a weekly fee. You can use from two weeks up to a year.

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